Which heroes are you throwing your emblems at?

I’m throwing them to 5 5 stars and 5 4 stars.

4 stars:

  • Hansel at 14 (15 if not for stronghold)
  • Cheshire cat at 13 no other sorcerer available and have no plans for Sabina yet
  • Wilbur at 10 will be 13 as soon as Stronghold is on its way, moved emblems from wu to him because I nearly have maxed Ranvir
  • caedmon at 11.
  • Jackal at 13. 832, 567, 1134. I like him

5 stars:

  • King Arthur at 6
  • Alasie at 6
  • Zeline at 7
  • GM at 6 a no brainer
  • Guardian Panther at 6

No really bad choices I think. No plans to move soon. CC might loose emblems if I pull a good sorcerer. ATM he is good in titan teams and raiding against bad tanks.


I’m spreading them out intuitively ( i.e. guessing)

Sabina gets loads because she’s my only good sorcerer

Same for Domitia and rogues

Boldtusk gets lots because he’s my best red option

Gadeirus and Caedmon squabble, Melendor gets none

LJ got loads of Barbarian emblems but now Grimm and maybe gormek are going to pinch them

Proteus gets all the wizard emblems because he is a winner with a weakness. Sartana and Kiril are good, but already balanced

Justice is my main tank, so none for Thorne

Boril and Rigard both stocked up as clerics

  • Barbarian - Gormek + 11
  • Sorcerer - Sabina + 11
  • Paladin - Sonya + 7, but maybe temporary after I max Thorne
  • Druid - Melendor + 8
  • Ranger - Tiburtus + 8
  • Rogue - Danzaburo +10, but eventually going to Domitia
  • Cleric - currently Hawkmoon + 20 and some change, but maxing Boril and Rigard; one of them will get them at that point
  • Monk - Bane + 20 and some change; have Wu and Li at 1^1, and Leonidas at 1^10 (but no darts, sadly); will probably go to Li eventually
  • Fighter - Valen + 20 and some change; will eventually move to Poseidon 4^80, but I need to keep superhuman Valen for class trials until I level some fighters. If I eventually draw Boldtusk, then I have a decision to make
  • Wizard - crickets; got a big stack and no one to give them to. Was holding for Onatel, but then Poseidon came and took her darts

Barbarian Gravemaker +5
Sorcerer Thoth Amun (war tank, had to reset Morgan le Fay for him) +5
Ranger Athena +7
Paladin Aegir +6
Fighter Panther +7
Druid Zimkitha +6
Wizard Guin +6 because no Hel/Zeline :cry:

Fighter Boldtusk +3 (Panther started getting really expensive and is already great on offence so I switched to BT for now since at 15 and above he is a beast)
Monk Wu kong +12, I will reset him for Joon when Ranvir and another reset token show up
Rogue Jackal +12
Cleric Rigard +11 because he is life


Barbarian: Grimm ~+17, need three rings to max Gravemaker
Cleric: Mother North +6, gave none to Rigard
Druid: Caedmon: ~+17, no other option (Melendor gets none as when I need a green healer it’s Mother North, so Caedmon adds more to my roster overall and in the dispelling role)
Fighter: Boldtusk ~+17, no other option
Monk: have not given, have Wilbur and Wu Kong maxed, Santa and Leo at 3.70 with no real intention to max either right now (lack of mats)
Paladin: earmarked for Aegir, who will be maxed in a few weeks, do have Frida at 3.70, Falcon and other normal options (e.g., Sonya) maxed
Ranger: Buddy +14, Evelyn at 3.70, hoping for Seshat
Rogue: none given, have a maxed Danzaburo and a 3.60 Scarlett, but have been holding for some time
Sorcerer: Mitusko +7
Wizard: Proteus ~+17, do have Kiril and Onatel as options


Cleric: Rigard (+11) (One of the best investments)
Monk: Wilbur (+9)
Fighter: Boldtusk (+7)
Paladin: Cyprian (+7) (he doesnt need more)

and…Druid: Belith (+1) (that was just experimental) :smile:

Other emblems are waiting for better owners. I maybe consider giving Rogue and Ranger emblems to Scarlett and Triton, but I’m not sure. Wizard emblems will go to Hel (if it comes the day when I get 2 tabards more).


Fighter - Magni
Druid - Zimkitha
Ranger - Lianna

Cleric - Hansel
Wizard - Proteus (Because I can’t make up my mind between Hel and Onatel)
Sorcerer - Sabina (I have Mitsuko done, but no 5* healers. Can’t migrate these until I get one)
Rogue - Jackal
Paladin - Falcon
Barbarian - Grimm
Monk - Wu

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Barbarian - Gretel +16
Cleric - Ariel +6
Druid - Melendor +11
Fighter - Boldtusk +15
Monk - Wu Kong +13
Paladin - Frida +4
Ranger - Evelyn +6
Rogue - Scarlett +14
Sorcerer - Sabina +11
Wizard - Proteus +13

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Barbarian: Gretel (Gormeck before but because i have wilbur, i dont use him)
Fighter: (Hu tao LUL, no choice)
Cleric: Boril (good tank, for my war def)
Druid: Melendor, i will switch to Ranvir later
Monk: Joon
Paladin: Ares, no brainer
Ranger: Buddy, it was tiburtus before but now i no longer use him
Rogue: Khiona for sure
Sorcerer: Sabina
Wizard: Kiril then Proteus and now Sartana

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I don’t have much of a system either, it’s based on which heroes I do have (not a lot!).

  • Barbarian - Gormek +7 (no other 4s or 5s ready. I do have Grimm at 3/45 but am saving the ascension mats for my first 5* Blue)
  • Cleric - I just pulled Boril, still at 1/1 (Grimm is my blue project now while waiting for ascension mats for my 5s). I do have a Mnesseus +6, Hawkmoon +6 and Kailani +5, whom I used in wars and class quests while building my 4 bench.
  • Druid - saving for M. Lepus (at 3/70). I have Gadeirus and Gobbler both 1/1. Also have a Belith +8 and a Brienne +6 for wars.
  • Fighter - Sir Lancelot +9. No other 4* or 5* Fighter
  • Monk - Li Xiu +6. Saving some for Aeron, stuck at 3/70.
  • Paladin - saving for Aegir. No other 4* or 5* Paladins. I do have a Tyrum+10, who was my only usable Paladin for a long long long time
  • Ranger - split between Jack O’Hare and Triton, I maxed both so I could double-stack in their respective colors
  • Rogue - saving for Inari OR Margaret, still deciding. I have no 4* Rogues, and the 3*s I have are not very good (Carver, Dawa, Vlad…)
  • Sorceror - Sabina +5 and Skittleskull +3. I needed both to color stack so split my emblems between them, but Sabina takes priority
  • Wizard - Proteus +9 and Kiril +3. Gave some to Kiril as I rely on him a lot, but Proteus is priority because he is squishier and more of a game-changer

LJ +7
Grimm +6

Isarnia +3
Merlin +4

Khagan +4
Tibs +3

BT +18

MN +3
Rigard +6

Joon +3
Wu-kong +3

Mel +11

Marjna +3
Scarlett +7

Keeping paladin emblems (I don’t want use them on Cyprian and Sonia is only at 1^35)


My strategy is to get all my maxed out 4* and 5* that I used alot to at least talent lvl 1. You will be surprised how often those activate.

The ones getting the most are:

(Paladin) Aegir +4
(Fighter) Magni +7
(Rouge) Khiona +6
(Sorcery) Mitsuko +7
(Wizard) Zeline +6

(Monk) Wu Kong +9
(Cleric) Rigard +13
(Ranger) Triton +17
(Barbarian) Gretel +13

(Druid) Melia +20 (my only 3* emblem worthy; waiting until I get scopes to transfer to M. Lupus)

Also, I store emblems on 3 maxed heros (only lvl 1) because you can reset lvl 1 with gems and get 100% back without using a reset token*


I totally agree with the strategy of throwing a +1 on almost every maxed hero to take that chance of their Talent activating from zero to something. Also like and agree that +1’s on 3*s are cheap and essentially free to reset with Gems.

My general philosophy after giving everyone a +1 is to spend Emblems on the 5*'s that are on my A-team (Elena, Evelyn) who get used for Maps, most Raids, and Challenge events. But 5*'s are Emblem-spensive so after that beef up the 4s that go to War because you can do three 4’s for the price of one 5*.

Grimm#1 +12, Grimm#2 +1, Namahage +1

Rigard +11, Kailani +1, Hawkmoon +1
Ariel 3-35, saving current Emblems for when she maxes; may even reset Rigard for her
Kunchen 2-60, will get a +1 eventually but he’s backed up in my Purple leveling queue

Caedmon +10, Melendor +1, Belith +1, Brienne +1
Kadilen 3-55, saving current Emblems for when she maxes to go at least +1

Elena +6, Boldtusk +1, Valen +1
Eventually Magni 3-70, Colen 4-32, and Panther 1-1 will all get +1’s

Wu +18, Wilbur +1
Joon will get +1 as soon as I get 58 more Emblems

Queen of Hearts +2, Richard +1, Tyrum +10
Tyrum likely needs a reset, he was my only option for a long time.

Evelyn +5, Buddy +1, Tiburtus +1, Berden +1

Jackal +16
Marjana 3-70 is waiting on Rings and will get a +1 eventually
Musashi 3-33 and Kelile 3-60 would get +1’s if they ever max, but I’m not sure they’re worth maxing

Sabina +13, Jahangir +1
Morgan 3-70 would get a +1 if I ever max her

Proteus +11, Kiril +1, Ulmer +1
Hel 3-47, saving all current Emblems for when she maxes


I’ve been throwing emblems to every hero I have thanks to raid tourneys…

All my 3* are +1, except for Balthazar +20, Bane +11, Mnesseus +7, Rudolph +7, Gill Ra +7, Ulmer +4, Toril +20, a rainbow team of 1* +20 :fearful:

Grimm +4, Jack O’Hare +4, and a few other 4* +1. Sabina will probably get all my sorcerer emblems.

I’m planning to give all my cleric and paladin emblems to Kunchen/Rigard and Frida. I’m saving all rogue emblems for a good 4* or 5* when it finally decides to appear.

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Barbarian - Grimm +12 attack route.
Cleric - Rigard +9, defense/HP route
Druid - Melendor +8, Caedmon will get to +1 once maxed
Fighter - None. Elena is 1/1 and will remain forever… Would be Valen but not thrilled so they still on the bench
Monk - Wilbur +7. Will bring Wu to +4 or 7 when maxed
Paladin - Sonya +9 defense/Hp route
Ranger - None. No 4 or 5… Ishtak is my lone max ranger, so big No No
Rogue - Jackal +7. Kelile might get to +1. Then will keep them for Alice
Sorcerer - Sabina and Cat are 3/60 and should remain so for now. I would like to keep them for Thoth, at 2/60. But he will remain forever there… They’ll remain unused
Wizard - Proteus +8 attack route

Won’t add anymore for now, except for Wu, as a ton of iron/ham are needed for base development, crafting dragons/bombs and potions and lvling.

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Of note:

Ares +4 (moved to Falcon)
Wu +16 (will stop at 18 and decide on the last two)
Kiril + 14 (moved to Proteus)
Jackal +18 (debating 19th node but it’s a lot of emblems (40) for not a lot of Defense (15))
Rigard +18 (done - won’t do last two)
Buddy +14 (Moved to Tibs)

I have 17 other 4* with between 2 - 11.

I like the epic tier of challenge events and diversity for war/tourneys, so that’s why I am focusing on the 4*.

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Barbarian - Azlar +6
Cleric - Hansel +12
Druid - Melendor +14
Fighter - Boldtusk +15
Monk - Wilbur +11
Paladin - Queen of Hearts +5; will start giving them to Frida
Ranger - Buddy +15
Rogue - Scarlett +18
Sorcerer - Sabina +18
Wizard - Isarnia +2; switched to Proteus +6, will strip his and give to Hel

I have not been blessed by a 5* healer so I have upgraded 3 of my 4*.

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Hmm…at the moment I’m collecting.

Emblems have
Cyprian +10 - he’s in my defense, tank…but I will switch them when I change my lineup.
Nashgar +17 :smiley: because I had no other barbarian - they will go to Grimm as soon he’s maxed :slight_smile:

But every maxed 4 or 5 will get at least one.

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Barbarian: Azlar +7, almost at +8
Cleric: Ariel +6
Druid: Melendor +12 (Melia +6; Belith +2)
Fighter: Boldtusk +11 (Rudolph +2; Gato +2)
Monk: Wilbur +11 (Bane +3)
Paladin: Falcon +11
Ranger: Evelyn +6
Rogue: Scarlett +16
Sorcerer: no 5 or 4-stars (Sabina will receive them); Chochin +7 (276 emblems are waiting Sabina).
Wizard: Guinevere +6 and Hel +1 (Sartana will receive +1 soon).

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Barbarian - Little John +9 ( no other available)
Cleric - none so far, decision will be between Rigard and Boril, both waiting at 3.60
Druid - none so far (Guardian Owl waiting at 2.70)
Fighter - Colen +9, top dmg dealer, Sumitomo + 1 because the talent matches his skill
Monk - Li Xiu + 9 tank
Paladin - Sonya + 9
Ranger - Tibsy + 9 (will switch to Khagan later, currently 3.36, waiting for 2 more rings)
Rogue - none so far (Danza waiting at 3.60, pulled Domitia last week 1.1 but missing 5x trap tools and 1 tabard)
Sorcerer - Sabina +9 , Skittles +1 cause talent matches her skill, but think I’m gonna remove them someday
Wizard - Kiril + 9, Proteus +1

Some emblems (+1) in 3* heroes just for the tourneys…but could remove them anytime without loss of emblems.

Some 4* could go higher ( 1 or 2 steps) but I decided let them stay at +9 currently. The loss will be fewer when changing and +9 made them reasonably stronger and my final decision may change whom to give. Also got not talented 5* so far.


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