Which Heroes are useless in my Collection?


I think I have a lot of Heroes which I don’t need to keep and most likely will never play. Here is my Collection:

I think there are too many 3 star Heroes which I doubt I will be playing. Also some 4 Stars that are not good enough to be played. Can you help me sorting them out?

Bonus Question: What would be your Defense Team based on that Collection of Heroes I have?

Thanks in advance, looking forward for your thoughts!


Defense team right now could be something like this:

Caedmon | Kiril | G. Falcon | Proteus | Wu Kong

Replace Wu Kong with G. Jackal when he’s maxed.

I think your depth is pretty good in all colors except red and yellow for 3*s. Personally I keep one of each unique copy of every hero. It’s cheaper to expand your hero roster slots.

All the atlantis 3*s are good, keep and max at least one of each. All of them are good for raid tournaments and challenge events.

If you’re insistent in getting rid of heroes to make space, then the easy ones for me are Azar and Gan Ju. Have both maxed myself, and I never use them, not even in raid tournaments. I much prefer duplicates of Namahage and Bane for those colors.


My first comment is, you show 45 heroes, while your capacity is 82/125. Are the rest of those feeders which you haven’t fed yet? Or other heroes you have but missed a screenshot of?

Going on the assumption that they are feeders, I would certainly not feed away any of the ones shown. Between wars and raid tournaments, you will most likely use all of those heroes in one matter or another.


I would get rid of Karil, Hu Tao and Lancel(not). The red dude is unbelievable useless for an event hero. Average, damage - meh and so squishy that he actually dies from few slash attacks. The only situation Lancelot can be used, is the tournament, but not even there. For rush attack you have Colen and for buff booster BT is better than every other 4* red. I made two big mistakes in levelling, since I play this game. I maxed Agwe and Lancel(not). I fed them as soon as my rooster grew larger.


The others Heroes not shown are feeders you are correct. Only Nashgar is there which I want to keep.

I wonder in which tournaments you need more than 15 different 3 stars?

Karil and Hu Tao are clear. I think Azar and Chochin as well. I am not sure if it is possible to create a 3 star “reduce enemy heroes mana” team that will be successful?

I keep only two maxed 3* heroes of every color. Just the ones I like best and I only do it for challenge events and 3* tournaments. Sure, only 2 of each color might put me at a disadvantage in some of those events but to me it just isn’t worth it to carry more than that on my roster.

As for your FUTURE defense team, perhaps Grazul, Kingston, Mushashi, Boril and Rigard? I don’t Musashi, so I’m not overly familiar with him. But if you can level the 5* over 4* then you should.


Chochin, sumo, ren, danz, and hu are the ones I don’t play with… not that they can fit into a specific line up, but with the other heroes you have, those 5 would be first on my chopping block.


Also check the classes of your heros, As will be needed for emblems quests.


Disagree a bit, dear Scarecrow. I wish I had one Lancelot for the events to push the mana from my mono red team. Most of the top 100 players have got him in their team. So I would recommend to keep him just in case @Mahamoti wants to make it to the top in an event. (Yes, everybody eventually can do it without Lancelot but he shines in those events)


Thats what I noticed too.

Azar has given me better results than Nashgar.

I wouldn’t get rid of none of them unless you get duplicates. If you aren’t struggling with slots wait and feed them later.


I have 26 3*'s at 50, and have plans to add more, although I’m very picky now which ones move up. There may be a couple that are less likely to be used, but there are niches for most of them. Keep the heroes you spent time leveling, in my opinion.

Finish your Namahage! He’s fan-freaking-tastic (lovingly referred to in my ally as Llama-Hockey - speech to text lulz).

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I’d have to agree with a couple posts&say NOT to get rid of any of these (well maybe amoenna-i still haven’t figured out what the point is)…&here’s why…

there are many different classes of heroes that u will need for the emblem quests-until u know for certain that u have a solid team for each quest, it seems silly to throw away a maxed hero that may be useful in the future…

and then there are the wars, in which u need 30heroes to use all ypur flags. those few xtra heroes come in handy when stacking against a tank, or just setting up strong teams against widely varied opponents…

and there are many specialized tournaments& raid challenges that now allow only certain heroes to be used. so having a wide variety to choose from helps immensely when picking teams for those battles- especially for the challenges/raids where cetain colors have been eliminated. 3star heroes are needed to complete the ‘rare’ level of special quests-&even if u have 1solid 3* team, often there is a color that is reflected, so the spares come in handy…

finally, when attacking the titan, color stacking the strong color(the color that inflicts the most damage against the titans color) gives u the most scoring advantage, as tile damage is multiplied by the # of heroes of that color. so having a wide range of heroes to choose from when picking your titan team can be an asset in the long run…

just wanted to give u an idea of why its better to keep those toons around-instead of throwing them away! u can store feeders in your training camps for a short time instead of collecting right away-i do this with low cost to save space. hope that info helps! feel free to check out my alliance if u need more help or info :wink:

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Virtually all the 3s and 4s you have in there makes it look like a mirror of my roster, Karil I maxed him from inception and still keeping, Hu Tao ever @3/60 but will max him one day for Tourney,
My advice would be as others as mentioned, keep at least one of every 3* and 4* s. And for Kashhrek don’t waste your shield on him, you will outgrow him quickly.