Which Heroe(s) should I Ievel next?

Hi there,

I’ve been playing the game for a few months now and up until recently, I only had a few subpar 4 stars to level up. Since I didnt really have a lot of choice, I ended up maxing out the likes of Chao, Ameonna and Gadeirus (please don’t judge me :sweat_smile:)

I’ve been slightly luckier recently, and have a whole lot of unlevelled 4 stars on my bench, and no clue which one to level next!

This is my mediocre current squad:

This is my unlevelled 4-star bench (+ Sonya):

Also, with the number of red 4 stars I have, I could probably start color stacking with Boldtusk, costumed Colen, Scarlett and Kalile.

Or I could color stack green, and level costumed Melendor, Caedmon and costumed Skittleskull.

What’s the best I can do with the type of Heroes I have?

Thank you so much for your help!

Personally, costume Melendor would be priority 1. Then Kellie.


Melendor, Caedmon, Kelile, Scarlet. All of them will be usable for a long time. :slight_smile:

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No one else is going to comment now. The first two replies capture it completely.

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Great, thank you for your help!

With two healers (Boldtusk and Sabina) currently in my main team, I thought I should prioritize another type of heroe first. Is there any merit in having three healers in my top team, or should I remove Sabina?

Isn’t costumed Colen better than non-costumed Kelile? I have a lot more paladin emblems available, but If Kelile is better, I’ll focus on her first.

Can not see all roster, what is team 4 and team 5, and rest.
For 4* heroes valuable for quest, etc…
Mana controller: Proteus, Little John.
Healer: BT, Kiril, Melendor, Rigard, Sabina.
Def down: Trio Pulverizer (Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek)
Counter attack for map and quest or raid opponent: Boril, Cyprian

I will start Kelile or/and Scarlett 1st before Colen.C, he is slow and the costume more squishy then the original, but for rush rule he is good.

C-Melender first for sure
Next should be a red one. I prefer Scarlet instead of Kelile. Especially since you have grimm. Also better against titans.
I like colen and am jealous that you have it’s costume. But he is slow. At this point I’d go for a fast sniper
Caedmon is awesome. But first a red attacker.

I can not see Tiburtus in there.

Correction: Grimm.
Will change it in my original most

for titan theres always one Tank…


Thanks everyone,

I followed your advice, and levelled © Melendor and Scarlet. This was really good advice and my Team is already much stronger!

In the meantime, I pulled a number of new heroes and I’m wondering which ones I should level next?

This is my current main Squad:
© Melendor, © Boldtusk, Grimm, Chao, Scarlet

This is my current unlevelled or partially levelled heroe backlog:

Green: Almur, © Caedmon x2, Little John, Gobbler, © Melendor x2, © Skittleskull x2

Yellow: Chao x3, HuTao x2, Thor

Red: © Kelile x2, © Colen x2, © Boldtusk x3, Scarlet x3

Blue: Sonya, Triton, Jott

Purlple: © Rigard, © Tiburtus, Stonecleave, Cyprian

Edit - I didn’t see your most recent post about new pulls. With how young your is roster is, I would not focus on any 5* hero at all. I’d do:

Green - Almur (He will be great, as he’s one of only 2 elemental defense down heroes for green)
Yellow - You could consider another Chao, but you may just sit on them and wait for now
Red - I might do a 2nd BT. Or Kelile + C
Blue - Sonya is good. I like Triton also
Purple - Rigard + C is a must, he’ll be used forever. Tiburtus + C is also well worth it.

Going off your 2nd list this is who I prioritize:
Green: Almur (elm d down) and C-Caedmon (good versatility)
Yellow: Thor (if you have the mats, no brainer), wait on others
Red: I would wait on those also since all look to be duplicates
Blue: Sonya for sure especially if you get costume.
Purple: C-Rigard for sure (possibly the best healer in the game), C-Tiburtus.

With saying wait on the ones that I have, keep in mind Season 4 portal will be open in 2 weeks. There are some very strong heroes in that if you are able to pull.

@g8slord, I have the ascension materials for Thor, but with only 3 pairs of fine gloves left, I thought it would be better to ascend three 4 stars versus one 5 star. Would you agree?
Not Sure If I’ll be able to pull season 4’s - is this one of these portals where you can earn free pulls doing some quests?

I know C.Rigard is great, but I already have so many healers (C.Boldtusk, C.Melendor, Sabina). Should he replace Boldtusk or Melendor, or would you play with 3 healers?

Almur, Sonya, C.Tiburtus and C.Rigard are on both of your lists, so I’ll start with those :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

One day you’ll be happy for having enough healers. It was exactly my case in the beginning, and now (a year later) I have 12 healers and it was a smart move. There’s 6 war teams, ninja tower… If I want to, I could have teams with 2-3 healers. Sometimes it’s necessary. :slight_smile:

Plus, Rigard’s ability to cleanse is still one of the most precious. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a deep roster, multiple 4* would help you for wars, events, agree. But extra Chao or Tao would not be the way I would go. I would hold off and stockpile mats in that case.

C-Rigard is excellent, he could replace Boldtusk on your main team giving you rainbow and with his cleanse and Melendor debuff you have bases covered. Heck I still use him constantly, even with multiple 5* teams.

Remember, for emblems you use the class of the original. For Colen regular or costumed, you’ll be using only fighter’s emblems. Cheers!

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Thanks Chadmo, I didnt know that and wasted a reset button.

So C. Rigard is fully levelled now, only missing one emblem level to move him to my first team :-).

I have further increased my 4-star roaster, and would need your help to decide which heroe I should level next. I’m leaning towards C.Kiril or Griffin, any other ideas?

Green candidates:
*Cabin Peters
*C. Caedmon
*C. Melendor (dupe)
*Ratatoskr (5 star)

Red candidates
*Scarlet (dupe)
*C. Colen
*Khagan (5 star)


*Thor (5 star)
*Wu Kong

*C.Rigard (dupe)
*Malicna (5 star)

Thanks again!

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