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I have been leveling Balthazar pretty much regularly,but I just got tiburtus today. Is that a quality hero to start leveling or stay with Balthazar

Balthazar is a good 3* hero. Tiburtus is 4* and also worth ascension materials. Once you have Balthazar maxed you can start working on Tiburtus. It’s good having both of them.


3/60 Tibs > 3/50 Balthazar.

Level Tibs up as far as you can then Balthazar imo.

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Finish balthazar won’t take long, then jump on to tibs, don’t be fooled by stats, your balthazar will be better than tibs until tib is 3/30ish! Congrats on the pull


Rate my team

“Has potential”

What has happened to your Bane?

You need a lot of leveling, so I would use matched-color training, I.e. use your yellow feeders to train yellow heroes, your purples for purple, and so on. Work a hero until you run into an ascension wall.

Specific advice:
Purple kinda thin on choices here, at least showing. Cochin isn’t bad.
Yellow Li Xiu will serve you well.
Blue any 3* hiding? Valen or Kiril?
green Caedmon is great.
red work on Scarlett

My normal advice would be to make sure you have a solid 3* team to build from; it looks like you’ve eaten these? That’s a pity.

Good question! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
I think we should ask Joon about that :sunglasses:


Yes all my 3* were maxed and I used them to level up 4*… sounds like I messed up?

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Yep, once you level up heroes then don’t feed them to others. You lose a HUGE amount of resources.

Also, it’s good to keep a couple of full rainbow 3* teams for wars, events, etc.

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