Which HERO you use the MOST?

Gazelle - Heimdall are my almost “All-the-Time” use duo… for

  • Missions / Raids / Chests,
  • Farming…
  • Main war team…


Richard, Vela, Tiburtus costume, Ursena, Grimm, Scarlett, falcon, Gormek.

That englobes s1 8-7, 5-8 and 7-4

And Atlantis 1-2 , 1-9 and 9-6

Hard Valhalla lvls

Gilinbursti, Almur, C.Rigard, Melendor, Mitsuko, Ursena, Francine, Proteus, Richard, Vela, Grimm, Joon and sif

Raids and war

I just use mono colour so i dont have preferences only teams builded.


@Lexxtarc : cool… I still am building teams of all colours… but am not able to convince myself for mono play…

Wilbur + Wu Kong are always a must on my titan teams.

Other than those heroes, I use Rigard C, Malosi, Vela, Lianna.

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Kunchen, my only 5* Healer!

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Purple: Sabina: My heaviest source of healing and the 1st dispeller I got. She is in almost all my raids.
Yellow: Danzaburo, now he will replaced by Mist. She is great.
Green: Caedmon or C-Caedmon. My lone green full emblemed, 2nd dispeller/cleanser and tough sniper.
Blue: Grimm and Kiril I use both together or as off color in some stacks 3-1-1 specially vs blue tanks.
Red: Scarlett and Boldtusk. Same as above.

No maxed 5*

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Zimkitha and GM have been my constants for a very long time

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Mother North! Everytime!


LOL. I’m such a vanilla noob.

The hero I use the most is Boldtusk.

Second most is Miki.

Third would be costumed Rigard.


These are my 5 pre-set mono teams. I use them everyday for raiding…then every war. I’ll only change them if I get a better hero for the job.

Note some slow heroes in there which generally get no love. I love them and I’d not hesitate to recommend spending the mats on any of them.



I use a mix of rigard and c.rig all day every day for raids, war


We use green tanks…

What do you think of this?

I know, Proteus in def team WTF?

But i think it will work… I mean “y’all very fast dudes huh? Get mana if you can!”



Those are my top 3 used heroes.
But to add to those, I usually have a Tiburtus (i love being offensive with Rangers + the defense down from Tibs, element down from Evelyn (and dispel) and attack up from cRigard… is just fantastic especially when you bypass all of their nonsense).


Oddly enough: Raffaelle, not even fully maxed :wink:

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For raiding: Isarnia and Ariel. They are on 95% of my attack teams.

Of the two, I marginally use Ariel more.

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Alfrike she’s THE BEAST


Grevle in, just about anything (I am still relatively new to the game.) He helps me overcome so many challenges. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He helped me get through the rare tournament, good hero :slight_smile:


Without stats to actually refer to I’m going to say Vivica as my only 5* healer. I have Telly and Red Hood but neither is really a full healer on their own.

Probably closely followed by Seshat. A good all around hero and a lot better than my other 5* dark hero Obakan.

If I had a different color healer Onatel would probably replace Vivica as my go to Holy hero. Love the mana control she offers in most situations.

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As far as overall, it’s Frigg and Mitsuko. All the other colors are dependent on the situation.

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