Which hero yo ascend

I have a question. Do I ascend Jabbar or Cyprian?


I got Jabbar in the very first sand empire event and have never used him.
Not that I love Cyprian but at least he finds a way in the lineout every now and then and costume may increase his value.

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Agreed, cyprian is more useful.

Would you consider neither? Cyprian was my first dark hero and Jabbar wasn’t far behind. I find Jabbar to be almost useless since field aid was removed from war. Cyprian also hasn’t seen playing time in a while. Even if I got costume and emblems I’m still not sure I’d use cyprian much.

Thank you for the thoughts. I could wait and not ascend either. I just do not have many other options in terms of Heros and do not seem to have much lock in drawing anything useful. I could hold on to the materials and see what happens. Thanks for the help.

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In enough time you’ll have plenty of trap tools. So low regret if you max Cyprian. Many will say Cyprian is good for counterattacking bosses in map stages. So I’d go for it. I just wanted to share my disappointment with both.


I also have Tiburtus I can ascend. Do you think he is a better option?

100%! Any reason he want in the initial list?


I thought I needed something else to ascend him. I realized it was the same ascension material


Agree with Tiburtus. I use him quite a bit and I have emblemed him to +18. Among 4* he is very good and if you get his costume he’s great

Material ascend requierement is based on heroes color.

And I agree Tiburtus is more versatile hero over both (Cyprian and Jabbar).
I have 2 Tiburtus maxed, one is +20 plus costumed.
And very useful for titan teams.

Tibs is the right answer. You’ll out grow Cyprian, but tibs can find a place all over the game.

I also just picked up Devana. I think I should work on here before I work on Leonidas.

Costume Leo>Devana>Leo


Thanks for advice. I appreciate it.

Depends on your needs… Tbh when u ask for which hero to ascend first show ur already ascended heros in same color so we can suggest better option😊

Tiburtis all day long and if you have his costume as well he is a monster 4 star

Here is what I have in for my holy horse. I do have a few more 3* yellows but none that I have done much with.

Devana for sure…She is very good hit three dispeller+bypass minions

I am getting the impression that you are still a relatively new player developing a starting roster (of course I could be wrong and apologies if I am). For that reason I wouldn’t worry too much about your 5s just yet and work on your 3 & 4s till you have a solid base to let you get a surplus of mats to be able to ascend your top heroes.

As good as Devana is I’d say its more important to have depth of a number of heroes instead of 1 5 at the beginning

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