Which hero would you sell your soul to have?

Ok, not SELL your soul, just trade in 20 others… now that soul exchange is being beta tested, which hero would you exchange 10, 15, or 20 spare/dupe legendaries to have?

Ill go first,

20: my purple team has always been lacking, would trade in 20 for G. Panther.

15: maybe Toxicandra for a fast green heal

10: hmmm… maybe an old yellow hero like drake fong


I have almost all heroes that matter to my play at this moment… which of course will soon change, as SG has plans :rofl:

I would feed away 15 to 20 five stars for heroes that will work all the time. These two I don’t have.

  • LoTL
  • Ruby

A lot of heroes that obviously aren’t in that crap poll from beta.


To be fair, i wouldnt mind the offer for gravey or skadi but my red and blue heroes are my more complete sets… but other than that, you are right, not much else in that beta offer… hoping that they would cycle through other heroes.

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:rofl: I’m glad you clarified your question. No hero is worth that much.

20: Miki. I’m still relying on Wu Kong. I’d love to ditch Wu for titans.

15: C-Alberich or C-Mother North. I’ve always wanted a MN. I have classic Alby, and would like the costume for the costume bonus.

10: Maybe Killhare so I can complete my Springvale family, and for the family bonus.


all elemental def down heroes

(Although 20 is too much for me. Say 15? But that’s a different topic)


I love this thread! I have several heroes, but there are still some unfulfilled wishes. These are:

  • RUBY

Out of HOTM: Hel, Miki, and Frida.
From newer heroes: Xnolplod, Ruby, Faline, Quenell, C. Ariel.


Miki, alfrike and MN(or alby) btw I didn’t see ninja’s, magic hero’s ,new event hero’s and costumes of hotm and S2 in the featured list :joy: so I think it’s not good to hope for ruby.


Ohh!! Finley and Alfrike are top tier indeed, its a shame the dont fit my play style or roster build up so much!! But i would not be disappointed if i get these heroes!!


Its a shame that they probably would not offer most of these new heroes, but then again, who knows?!? Good choices!!

gefjon or hel

last war i watched gefjon single handedly wipe out my entire team, one hero after the other and one strike at a time
ok my TP was lower and it was a 3/2 team but i was fascinated and ashamed at the same time


SGG just may insert in a special featured hero. Newish.

The price : 50 dupes! :joy::rofl:


Someone like myztero :rofl:


This is a tough question to just choose 1, as I’m missing plenty of top tier heroes. But after hard thinking I’d go with these heroes I want the most (currently). Propably some (most) of them will never be featured in the Soul Sacrifice, but as theres already S3&4 heroes, costumes and event heroes included there’s always a possibility!

Dark: Xnolphod
Holy: Costume Vivica
Green: Toxicandra
Red: Ruby
Blue: Lord Loki

If only 1, then Xnolphod is the hero I want the most. In my opinion, currently the best hero overall in the game.

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Kind of feel the Soul Exchange heros might be lack lustre as 20 useless 5 stars for a non costume Gravemaker might be slightly too little too late. Even non costume Gravemaker is out of date in the top tiers (imho). On a plus note it sounds to be a move in the right direction from HA10 weekly food burning. Cheers!

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Honestly, absolute none. The cost is just too high.


Definitely Xnolphold, black knight and guardian panter. But from choice which is in beta i would choose skadi as i dont have any anti minion heroes


I haven’t paid attention to which heroes are included and which aren’t, so if some of those I’ve listed aren’t actually going to be available… whatever, who cares!

20: Xnolphod, Gazelle, Frigg, Zircon, LotL
15: Karnov, Zekena, Morel, Pengi, Ratatoskr
10: Kage, Motega, Toxicandra, QOH, Puss in Boots


Ok so these are the heroes I need most …

Skadi, Mr Pengi, Finley, Morel
Xnolphod, Hannah
Mother North
Penolite, Odin, Zekena

But from the current list of available heroes probably only Killhare and/or Gravemaker……

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