Which Hero works BEST with my other Heroes for optimal results from my Teams?

Please advise me on which of my personal heroes in my 6 teams should be correctly matched together so that i will be able to be more productive and stronger resulting with more wins in Raids/ Province Battles and higher Titan strikes.
Appreciation with many thanks,
(attached screenshot)

(5/5 titans) Wu Kong
(5/5 titans) Kiril
(5/5 titans) Valen
Ursena + Aeron (vs Yellow)
Chao + Bane (vs Purple)
Jahangir + Azar (vs Green)
Carver + Berden (vs Blue)
Ulmer + Ulmer (vs Red)

Kiril, Carver, Ursena, Wu Kong, Jahangir

so… level Wu Kong to 4.70 :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you very much for your time and help!

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