Which hero will be better to ascend?


Hi guys,

I have little problem> I have Kaghan and Scarlet and they my only red heros. Which is better to ascend? I can maxed Scarlet, but have no enough materials for kaghan. So kaghan at 3/70 is better than Scarlet 4/70?


Sounds like you’re early in the game. I’d focus on Scarlett while you wait for rings.


Yes, I have only 35lvl and have only 4 4* maxed. Scarlet is good hero?


Scarlett is okay, but neither are really that good. At the same levels 4* heroes are stronger than 5* heroes, but Khagan does come with some impressive skills which might help you more if your defense is suffering.


Scarlett. She’s good enough until you get enough rings. Her fast mana is nice


I think Scarlett is a great hero. Her attack down is useful for raids and titans and her high tile damage gives her good usage for events and titans.


Scarlett has one of the highest attack stats in the game, even better than most 5*. She’s a bit squishy but she has fast mana and reduces enemies attack to help protect herself a little. Scarlett is great. And it takes a long time to max 5* heroes you should focus on 4* heroes for awhile. Build a few 4* teams first and then start thinking about leveling up 5*. I would much rather raid a team with 3/70 5* than a team of 4/70 4*. Maxed 4* is just better.


Thanks a lot for help. I will focus on Scarlet first.