Which hero to level up

Hello, I’ve got three 4* heroes and I don’t know which I should level up first.
They are Ameonna, Merlin and Sabina.

With which one should I start with levelling? Thank

Sabs -> Merlin -> ghost girl

Hmm I actually will disagree a little with @Olmor

Merlin > Sabina > Ammeona

Merlin is mana control. Not the best one but certainly a strong one (better at mana control than the mana cutters and imo second only to Hansel in the 4* area)

Sabina is a healer and her heal works exactly the same at 3-60 as at 4-70

Merlin however is a sniper so needs the extra levels to really be fully effective in his damage…

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Thank you for the help!

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