Which hero to level up First

So which hero do I level up first
I have Skittleskull @ 4/65 Wu @ 4/50 Gormek @ 4/43 Cypriann @ 4/35 Li Xui @ 4/8 5* Natalya @ 2/23 Boril @ 3/27 Guardian Falcon @ 2/23 Sonya @ 1/17?

It looks like you would benefit most from finishing up the ones close to be maxed.

Natalya should be the next, then falcon

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If u dont have a tank boril should be next, then if u want to do some damage to titans wu would be next in my opinion

Level em all simultaneously by feeding on color. Focus on 4*s first and the ones on your def.


Obvious answer. Level 5 of different colours…Cyprian or Li will tank so Sonya as flank or sniper.

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I wouldn’t work on Nat… sounds like you need some depth. Working on 4s over 5s is cheaper and faster and will benefit your war teams better… the right 4s will be used for a looong time. Get a good defensive line in place by color feeding as suggested by others, then focus on heroes that would be good additions to your war teams.


Def suggestions:

Sonya Cyp Li Boril Falcon
(once they are on 4th tier)

Gormie Li Cyp Wu Skittles
(for now)

Do you have any 4* healers?

I have Kiril @ 4/70 and level 7
Thank you for these tips

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