Which hero to focus

This is my team set up. I have a maxed main team and building up a second team for stacking. I recently pulled Inari (my first 5*) and I am not sure if I should continue to train wu or shift my attention on Inari. Or should I wait for better 5* (since mat are tough to come by)

I have all the necessary mat including all 4* mat to ascend her all the way except for orb of magic (only have 3 after used on wu). I only barely have enough mat for only 1 5* ( 2 blades n 1 tomb) and I do not have other 5* at the moment


It really depends on what * of titans you’re hitting as to whether it matters if you max out Wu. The real benefit from leveling him further is the extra defense and health.

It looks from your roster like you probably don’t spend a ton of money on summons. If this is true, then it’s usually best to go ahead and level up decent heroes, rather than saving your AM forever while hoping for a better hero to come along.

Inari is definitely decent. Not the best yellow 5* but definitely not the worst either. If I were you, I’d level her to 2/60, play with her for a bit on offense, and see how you like her. If she’s really not a good fit for your playstyle, save your mats. Otherwise, you can keep leveling her.

Yes you are right I don’t spend much on summon. My current team can do most of the activities and I rather reach TC20 and let the tc do the work of getting me more good heroes.

I am fighting 5-6 stars titan and find that Wu is quite quishy at this point, he is often the first to die in titan and raid (cups around 1.9-2.1k), especially raid and don’t really have many chances to fire his special

Inari, on the other hand, have high tile damage but seems quishy for a 5*. Special can be useful at the right time and has to be timed correctly when using her

Then I’d definitely finish off Wu before focusing on Inari. You’ll end up saving on potions and turtle banners in the long run.

Your analysis of Inari is spot-on. She’s really most useful for offense, or for titans, where you can control the timing of her special. But she’s a bit squishy early on. Her maxed defense and health are actually quite reasonable.

Ah, also too bad Inari does not have offensive special, she may not sit well with my two healers team. It’s wasted she is not a sniper given such a high attack stats

True that she won’t pair with two healers so well. But I wouldn’t be running two healers on offense if I were you, except in special circumstances. At least a mild color stack, like 2-1-1-1 or 2-2-1 will probably fix the low damage output issue.

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