Which hero to ascend?


I need some advice please. I have Caedmon, Rigard, Li Xiu, Grimm and Hawkmoon.

I can ascend right away Grimm, but I am one magic orb to be able to ascend Li Xiu, 2 sturdy shields for Caedmon and 2 traptools for Rigard. The problem is that I have Only 1 compass and 1 fine gloves, so I have to choose.

I messed up my Li xiu, her skills is only 5/8, I thought once I got to ascension 3 and level 60 I could still keep dropping heroes on her to level up the skills, sadly I was wrong.

I am inclined in leveling up her, but she is not Usefull in titans, but she will be good to do quests more easily and farm faster.

Which hero should I ascend?

Thanks in advance


You can still level up hero’s specials even after their card is maxed, until the Special is 8/8:

Click Heroes
Click the hero (Li Xiu?) you want
Click level up
Add other cards, up to 10 at a time

Do it in this order, and the game will allow you to keep leveling their special to 8/8.


He said his lixui is maxxed at tier 3, you can’t increase her level at tier 3


O and I’d ascend Grimm

Lixui is meh and by the time u get the 2 shields you’ll have another compass and gloves


You can do this only if the hero is fully ascended, I did not now that and so didn’t you, if you understood that she is not ascended to the max.


Correct, my mistake: I always revert back to 3* (which are the ones I need to final to 8/8). My apologies!


Then Ascend Grimm right away. If You actually had the items for Caedmon, the choice would be harder, but those two are the top two choices for ascension of those listed. Grimm will flat our win you battles. Caedmon will also win you battles, but by debuffing your opponents and singling out one enemy to eliminate. Even between the two, I’d pick Grimm. Go get him Ascended!


Agreed on Grimm. He hits harder than even fully ascended Richard or Thorne (5*) and weakens foe’s defense. Very, very useful. He’s one of the few 4* who gets regular outings on my team.

Hawkmoon is a 3*, so you can level her up without gloves and compass.


Thanks everyone. I will ascend Grimm. Every single guy was ascension 3 and level 60 and hawkmoon is maximum also. I will keep in mind to ascend caedmon after this one.


I actually know the answer to this question and i know who to ascend first.I just want your opinion about who to ascend first to it’s last promotion. Lets see if our thoughts about promotion matches :slight_smile:

Yunan or Horghall? I have Red Hood as a tank and i have no intentions to put Horg nor Yunan in the middle coz Red Hood is absolutely amazing tank…