Which hero to ascend? (Red or blue mono color teams)

I know that Elana is sort of the obvious choice but she doesn’t have great stats and Yang Mai helps my other red heroes reach their specials:

I have the following maxed heroes:

Boldtusk, guardian falcon, Santa Claus, Azlar. Which hero should I use my last Tome of Tactics on now?

Yang Mai,
Second Azlar,

Bobo or

(I have triton, Kiril, magni and King Arthur maxed)

What would you choose and why?

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If titans are very important for you then max Bobo first, he is amazing against titans.

If not then I’m between Grazul and Yang Mai, both are great, prsonally I woukd max Grazul first, blocking ailments is very usefull and she can keep your slow 5* alive long enough to let them fire.


100% agree. Couldn’t have said it better.