Which hero specials are better kept at 3-70?

Apart from the damage and hero stats, the only reason to use a hero is it’s special. Which specials are so strong that the hero stats don’t matter too much, and you get the full functionality of the hero even at 3-70?

I would say most buffs, but elemental defense down for sure

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Healing that doesn’t depend on damage dealt. Resurrection (Alberich, Mother North). Attack boosting (Ranvir, Tarlak).

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Essentially, any hero which doesn’t include a damage or minion aspect to their special skill.

Any hero who does direct damage or damage over time will gain more effect the higher level they are (due to ever rising attack stat).

Heroes who create minions will do the same as the minion stats are based on the main hero stats. So the more defence/ HP/ attack the hero has, the better/ more effective the minions will be.

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Miki’s boost will work more often when his max health is lower.

Something I’ve always wondered but never put into words until I read this - do the minions stats come from the hero that has summoning in his special skill - say Delilah - or the one that gets the minion - say Richard?

Most if not all minon skills state that attack/health is inherited from the caster

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Yup, from the summoner.

If you’ve got buddy you can test it :slight_smile:

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