Which hero should you upgrade first?


I have an question. If you had my hero bench which hero’s would you upgrade? An for what kind of team would you go, and why? I’m just really curious about the options to get better allround. These are my hero’s:

Would love to hear and learn from you.

What does your ascension material inventory look like?

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Why not use your other thread?

Honestly… Don’t touch the 5*.

You’re short of items to start working on a 4* bench.

Finish your 3* rainbow off…
Keep working on challenges and alliance wars/titans etc to snare more materials…

You’ve got plenty there to keep you going for months and months - but the materials to ascend them can take time to drop.


What BubblesUK said.

Perhaps Isshtak to finish off a rainbow 3* team for defense.


And start Wu Kong to increase your titan hits…

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Guardians of Teltoc is the next event and reflects yellow, if I were you I’d try my best to get another red and purple 3* done before it starts, maybe Balthazar and Rudolph.


In my honest opinion the next 3* that I would max would be Rudolph. And the next 4* would be Wu Kong. Good luck

what other thread? if you said for what i opened the other day its other person

And definitely focus on finishing the ones you’ve started and not jumping around so much.

You’ve got some solid 4*s that you’ll want maxed eventually (Kiril, rigard, Sonya, Grimm, tibs, Buddy) but since you’re short on mats, I’d focus on some threes. They won’t be part of your defense for long, but still useable in raid tournaments and the rare events. Balt, Melia, gato, Rudolph…

Agree that Wu needs to get maxed.

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Like others have said, given your lack of mats, I’d focus on your 3* heroes for now. I’d do:

Isshtak - Just to have a rainbow defense



I’m now able to able to level some 4 star heros. What level would you max out first? Wu kong, Hu Tao or Guardian Jackal. What hero is the best for all round, so defence and attack?

Would love to hear some comments why. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately none of the three you listed are a balanced hero lol

Wu Kong is a titan and offence king. He turns tiles into mini nukes! Only 4* hero which can compare/ compete with the 5* titan damage boosters (Miki, Tarlak & Ranvir). Unfortunately on defence he’s often less helpful as the defence team doesn’t have the benefit of many tiles to do the killing so specials and slash attacks need to hit…

Guardian Jackal is another offence geared hero. His defence stat is woeful… However, his attack stat more than makes up for hit. The elemental defence down is great when combined with Wu Kong and some more yellows against both titans and raids!

Hu Tao is probably the most balanced of the heroes listed however he’s generally regarded as a bad 4* due to his slow mana speed and lack of real damage dealing…

My advice would be Wu Kong first cause he can and should be used in all your titan teams. I’ll link below a thread where I got thru all the math but essentially with Wu Kong firing and a colour stack, your titan hits should go up by 2-3 times the current amount on average.


I have a maxed Hu Tao and he doesn’t even make my mono yellow team. I use Li Xiu and Chao instead. He occasionally gets used for rush attack raid tournaments.

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Thank you for your time to answer, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Don’t think about all-round.

Where you are in the game, defence is absolutely not a priority in who to ascend - if/when you get to 5* hero’s that can become a consideration (even then, maybe not a priority to begin with!).

For now, you want to be doing things that will get you more ascension materials - that means filling your raid chests, doing well in events and contributing as much as possible on titans and guild wars.

Wu Kong will help you big time in all of these… Guardian Jackal will help a lot in stacks with other yellows, but you don’t have other yellows to stack him with yet and Wu will boost all colours damage.

Wu first. Jackal second.


I got a hu at gaurdians my maxed holy jacket+15 chao+7 danza
Working on pois atm
Have another chao n danza at 3/60
I regularly pull plus open my tc20 at the start of Atlantis.
I don’t really need a fighter for quests but I like different heros is hu worth maxing than other chao or danza? If I get f all from next Atlantis or tc20

Thanks Bubbles, i appreciate your answer. I’m not that good in the game yet.

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Hu is a poor man’s Justice without the durability. I maxed Hu because at the time he was my only 4* yellow. I think Danza would be more useful.


My rooster is this bubbles. What do you think is the best way to get materials with this rooster. I learned that I should’nt jump around with heros to level, so sorry

that it’s a bit messy. If you had this rooster, what would you do?

I’m now focussing on 1 hero at the time

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