Which hero should I use my tabards on?

I’ve been very lucky in summons lately and pulled Zulag and Victor very quickly one after the other, but I only have 8 tabards (should get a 9th from valor soon). Who should I focus on? My current maxed purples are Sartana, Obakan and Clarissa and I also have Grumble and Quintus on 3/70.

Victor, that +30% defence boost at veryfast is really good, the dmg isn’t amazing but it doesn’t suck either. And if you got Valeria too she and Victor will stack so that’s good.

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Victor is much better. Zulag is below averange.

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Of course it sucks! He’s a vampire!


Yeah lol stupid me, he totally sucks.

But in a good way, obviously.

Does Valeria suck in a good way too? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Victor no doubt. Zulag is just a meatwall that can be countered completely with a dispell. Victor gives a significant buff at very fast speed + his damage and healing stop are situationally decent.

Hey, don’t ask me, straight woman here. But there are rumours.

To be fair, I don’t own either Victor or Valeria, but they’re annoying to face, so I do endorse the recommendation to level them. I do have Vlad, who sucks in a not good way. I also recently acquired Vanda, so hoping she sucks like a vacuum cleaner.


Yeah they double suck even more now with the family bonus. You won’t even need lvl 11 manatroops for them and can use the +11 troops for others :slight_smile:

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