Which hero should I power up /ascend

Bertila, Leonidas or Elkanen

Welcome @Vinterlink

Could you tell us a bit more about your other heroes, what ascension materials you have and what part of the game is most important to you - war, titans, raids etc

Then we can offer more specific advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most important would probably raid, war then raids. Don’t have a lot of ascension materials as I’m in a lower level alliance (we battle 5* and 6* titans). Already have the following:
5* Obakan (2), Reuben, Marjana, Mother North, Leonidas, Bertila and Elkanen
4* Li Xiu (2), Boldtusk, Kiril, Fura, Wu Kong, Colen, Gobbler, Guilinbursti, Triton, Guardian Jackal, Sabina, Sonya, Peters Boril, Grimm (2), Scarlett and Hu Tao

Not the greatest group but just started out in December

Thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s pretty great for only starting last month!! I vote for focusing on a 4*/5* mix if you’re that new… But I’d also advise you to ascend one from each colour at the same time using same colour feeder heroes… it goes a lot further. So I’d do Mother North, Marjana, G. Jackal, Fura and Sonya. Presuming none of these are already fully ascended? After those 5 I’d do Peters, Boldtusk, Wu Kong (for titans only though), Sabina, and Boril or Triton (Boril for your defence team, Triton for offence).

Out of the three you mentioned, I guess Leonidas? I like Elkanen more, but Mother North should get the green mats first. So if you have her fully ascended somehow already, I’d say Elkanen?

If you have Mother North, I either assume you already have her leveled or if not, she should be over the other options. Since she’s your best green hero, I would do Leo. He’s not amazing, but he’s your only 5 star Holy hero.

This assumes you have the materials to take him to 4/80 and have other holy heroes at 4/70.

The only fully ascended so far are 4* Li Xiu and Kiril

To be very honest, you are far better focussing on building at least 3 x 3* rainbow teams to max as a starting point.
Then move to 4 x 4* rainbow teams to max.
These will help you in raids and tournaments etc to get you the mats you will need to build your 5* roster.
Good luck

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