Which hero should I lvl up first, Zimkitha or Aegir or maybe some other hero should I use for my first team? Thank you!

The answer is Kiril, followed by Wilbur.


So Wilbur instead of my gormek and kiril to use for quests and Defence, correct? Thx

My first team is Alasie, Caedmon, Gormek, Wu Kong and Sartana.

My apologies @ContraVolta

I didn’t pick up the ‘first’ in your original post and read it as what heroes should I level up first.

Allow me to re-read. Sorry for the misunderstanding at my end

No worries :blush: Assistance is much appreciated as what I saw most of people said that Aeigr is crap and Zimkitha is not much better according to posts that I have read.

Don’t believe everything you read. A lot of people who post are either further advanced in the game or are reacting to what they wanted the heroes to be.

Aegir = I have him at 2/60, and am still trying to work him out. I am willing to wait before ascending further. He may yet prove to be a great hero.

Zimkitty is a good hero. Great on offence, and may prove to be a great defence hero as well.

But… back to your original question that I misunderstood. Your first team is good. But if that is a defence team, then replace Wu with Li Xiu.

Wu is best hero in the game, but only for titans and certain challenge levels. Li is a bad*ss defender and decent tank.

Kiril, Grimm, and Wilbur are must level ASAP as all rounders. You won’t regret focussing on them. They will change your titan, offense, and AW strategy.

You have an excellent collection of heroes.

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Thank you and yes I use Li xiu in Defence instead of Wu Kong, as for the Zimkitha I plan to replace Gormek with her for the Defence and I will then use Alasie as a tank for now so Zimkitha can be on right flank. I assume that Aegir will be on hold for now.

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Or should I use Wilbur maybe to lvl him up instead of Zimkitha?

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Thx again @FishDreams

I would go Wilbur first. He is easier to ascend. Plus he is one a ‘game changing’ hero.

He will help a lot with titans, raids, and AW.

Zimkitty is amazing, but will not help your game as dramatically as Wilbur will right now.

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You have a really nice starting rooster but Id go first with your 4* heroes.
You need a healer badly, Id start leveling Kiril and Gadeirus, followed by Wilbur, Proteus and Chao.

Try to max your ascended heroes before training other ones.
For quests you could need ATK buffers and DEF debuffers while your defense cold be like this once you level your actual heroes:


Thank you guys, for now I will finish up the Alasie as I do no have items for Sartana to bring her to the final stage and I think I will try to up the Wilbur, Kiril, Proteus and Gadeirus first.

@FraVit93 Once I max up Wilbur, Kiril, Proteus and Kiril what Defence team should I use then? Thank you

Still the same I linked to you, but those heroes will help you gathering ascension materials by completing rare quests and events.

The main team change you’ll have will be Zimkitha and Sartana over Gormek and Proteus, hoping for a Vivica or Guinevere to show up in the meantime :wink:

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Thank you once again, I will work on from there!

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@FraVit93 @FishDreams Here is my roster now guys, what do you think :blush:

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You can swap Proteus for Sartana and Gormek for Zimkitha once she would be leveled enough.

You got nice heroes! :slight_smile:

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That is my goal now, already got 6 rings so I think I’ll go out and max her out, what do you think about Kadilen is she worth 6 tonics or should I wait for better green hero?

You can choose the heroes worth maxing out as the stables. Alaisie and Sartana are the 2 best snipers you wont regret spending mats on them. Now you need a healer to support your stables. You have only Kiril as a must raise hero. So you can use Kiril. The downside is that you wont have a rainbow team till you find another healer such as BT.

Now the next you wont regret raising is Zim. She’s good to have in your defense team. You can actually use her as a tank in your team.


Then you need to add either a yellow or a green hero as the last one in the team. You can test and switch in and out between Li Xu and Caedmon.

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