Which hero should I level?


Ok will do thx for all the advice


I have 1 WU FULLY ascended and 4 others, does anyone see any scenario where I would need more than 2 or 3?


Nope unless you love him so much that you want to use him in war. Or you have no one else to use your orbs on. :blush:


Alliance Wars. But my thinking is that if I was in a position to level a whole batch of Wu Kongs, I probably also have other options that give me more variety.
Personally, while I find the one Wu I have finished invaluable for titans and have a couple of spares stashed for possible levelling ‘just in case’, I don’t actually use him for anything else now. Not even wars.


Thx for the insights


Just started the game. Basically stuck with 3* hero with Nashgar fully ascended as 1st red.

Azar, Jahangir and Namahage, which one should I level up? Or, perhaps wait for another chance with 4* or 5* which I doubt will come anytime soon as so far, draw mostly 3*…:roll_eyes:


Azar, Jahangir, Namahage

As long as you dont have a red 4* to level keep leveling 3*.

Your alliance will be happy. ( Titans, wars )

You will be happy. ( More flexibility for raids and events. )


Indeed! Feed duplicates of Bane, FT, Dawa, Melia and Namahage already.


If you have only one Bane and Gan Ju you should have kept the second.


I did! But I don’t see any point of keeping 4 Bane and 3 Melia or 3 FT though



You are so right.