Which hero should I level?


I usually keep at least 1 of each hero for 4* and 5*. The rest are usually feeders. But depends on how deep is your bench. Have at least 6 of each color 4-5* so you can compete in war.

I have over 80 4* and 5* but not willing to feed some of them unless I wanna up something faster. Keep the fast mana heroes if possible.


Feeding a 4* or 5* hero away doesn’t add much experience (sure, more than a 2*) but removes the option of developing that hero later. So I tend to err on the side of holding too many heroes. (Surely 150 favorites isn’t excessive, is it?)


Hahahaha. There are some I know that will never see daylight like skittle and boomer. I just keep 1 of each for collection. Just saw my roster. 115 of 4* and 5* heroes actually instead of 80+.


Well I only have 43 4* and 5* heroes right now so I guess I will hang on to them for now. Thanks for input it is appreciated


Could use some advice on what positions to place my team consisting of WU, Colen, cyprion, triton and melendor. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Try not to put Wu in defense if possible unless you don’t have other leveled heroes.

Colen as tank as he is fun when his special kicks off but he is like a glass cannon. Cyprian would normally be the tank otherwise. Triton flank. Wu and Mel on the rear.


Thx will try that and see how it works


Would like any input as to which hero to ascend next and how to best configure my defensive and offensive team. Have the following ascended Kiril 4/39. Wu 4/70, triton 4/70, colen 4/70, cyprian 4/66, melendor 4/32 and LJ 3/60
Waiting purple domitia, khiona Sabina proteus & Rigard
Yellow chao danzaburo li & hu plus extra WU
Blue Aegir Sonya Boril & Grimm
Green kashrek & skittleskull
Red Kelile gormek Scarlett & boldtusk


You need some solid 4* heroes, so I recommend you level up:

Purple: Proteus, Rigard, Sabina
Yellow: Li Xiu, Chao
Blue: Grimm, Sonya
Green: Kashhrek
Red: Boldtusk, Gormek

Defense team could be:
Triton-Colen-Kashhrek-Proteus-Li Xiu/Chao


Thx for the recommendation


I have the following duplicate 4* heroes 4 gormek 4 WU 3 Li 3 melendor 3 cyprian 3 colen and 3 Kiril. Is there any reason not to use at least some as feeders. Would there ever be a need to have this many duplicates? Any comments would be appreciated


I hang onto a duplicate of every 4*, just in case a bad one becomes useful with an upgrade. If you’re into wars, I’d suggest hanging on to all your Kirils and Melendors, because healers are invaluable. If you depend on Wu for good damage in wars, keep them all just in case. I personally wouldn’t keep more than one duplicate of most of the others - Gormek’s a maybe for me to keep a third with the ramming pulveriser being so useful but him being the weakest on offense with it.


Thank you for the advice greatly appreciated


Lianna, horghall or Hansel who to ascend next? Would appreciate input. Have wu, colen, melendor, triton, cyprian fully ascended and boldtusk, khiona, Kiril LJ and chao all mostly ascended


If you have 6+ sturdy shields, 4+ tonics, a Damascus blade and a tome of tactics, Lianna.

Otherwise Hansel.

Lianna is really great at 4/80, but nothing special at 3/70. Hansel is clearly the best 4* green in the game and high on the list of best 4* of any color.


Currently I have all the items except I only have 4 shields, so would you advise to concentrate on Hansel and put Lianna on the back burner. Appreciate your input
Thx in advance


Just 2 SS can be obtianed in lil wait.
And then you will have best green Sniper Liana.
I would kerp waiting for her.


Thx for advice greatly appreciated


Hands down Lianna. Even at 3/70 you can dominate in platinum. :blush:


Agreed with others, if you have all the 4* mats (tonics, blade, tome) for Lianna, go there. Sturdy shields aren’t too uncommon.