Which hero should I level?

I finally collected four more sturdy shields. I intended to use those to take Kadilen to her second ascension but should I perhaps use them to fully level Kasshrek or Little John first? It will be a veeeeery loooong time before I can fully ascend Kadilen. I intend to use any of these primarily for the defense team since I noticed in raids that they’re very good in this capacity. Kasshrek is a very annoying tanky guy, especially in the centre, and if Little John pops, it’s usually game over for me, he’s one of those I aim to take out first. However, I’ve also read on the forum that Kadilen doesn’t suck at defence. Sho here’s my dilemma: which one first?

As always it’s not that simple to tell you this or that one. We need to know your other heroes to be able to really help you.

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  1. Little John, 2. Kashhrek 3. Kadilen
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Like I said, I am going to use these for defence. I’m so sick of getting wiped out in defence raids all the time, no matter what combination I try. Got attacked around 20 times today, staying over 2000 cups is really competitive. Okay, my current roster: 5* Joon (3/70), Kadilen (2/60), Thoth Amun (3/14); 4* Colen (4/70), Gormek (4/70), Sabina (4/70), Kiril (4/70), Guardian Jackal (4/70), Cabin Boy Peters (4/70), Wu Kong (4/29), Kelile (3/60), Boril (3/60) and unlevelled Kashhrek, Grimm, Little John, Hu Tao, Skittleskull and a couple of doubles. I don’t really like Skittles though. I usually use some combination of Joon, Colen, Gormek, Kiril, Boril and Sabina for defence.

A little bit of a side bar, but with your focus on raid defense I would try and get Boril fully leveled and place him as your defense team tank. I did this a few months ago and have seen amazing results. I obviously still get beat sometimes, but my average trophy count has increased by hundreds. His high defense mixed with perfect riposte really sticks it to attacking teams. Just my opinion. Best of luck to you!


Thanks Tallman. I will definitely level him next as soon as I get more warm capes (the rarest item for me). Riposte in defence is definitely a pain the behind.

I would say move Kelile along quickly. Colen is to slow for me. Fast is better on defense. Like the perfect riposte tank, too.

Sorry, but don’t know Kadilen well enough for opinion on that.

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I’ll get to her eventually but her problem is that she has really very little HP. Easy to take out, never had much of a problem with her in raids.

Also, check this out. It is a complete hero grading list done by some of the best players in the game. I thought it was super helpful.

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Cyprian also has perfect Riposte if you get him (and have purple 4* ascension materials); he’s my center. I’m sure there are better tanks out there, but I don’t have them leveled yet. :wink:


Yeah, I know. I don’t have Cyprian. He seems to be pretty tanky. Pity because trap tools aren’t a problem for me. But out of those three greens, what do you think? I’m leaning towards Kashhrek. I had not given him much thought before I lost three raids in a row to someone who had him in the front position. He seems to be a very sturdy frontliner. Lots of health, and if you can’t take him out real fast, he’ll keep healing himself and the other two front heroes into tomorrow.

If defense is a priority, then Kashhrek should be your choice. He’s the only 4* to earn an “A” in Anchor’s hero ratings, and deservedly so. Just a complete PITA to take down, really worse than Boril.

5* heroes–especially B-grade heroes like Kadilen–only come into their own in final ascension. Unless you’re sitting on 4+ tonics, just leave her aside for a while.


In AW defense tank he’s even better than he is as a raid tank, it’s pretty dumb facing him and I admit I wiped horribly against him, twice, on the alt.

Also when talking cleanup crews Kashrek with that amazing heal works well when you’re only bringing a few heroes you care about to mop up a broken defense.

He was substantially underrated by the community before, but in AW he comes into his own.

I also happen to think Kadilen is underrated, but I’d do Kashrek first when just talking defense.


Thanks Kerridoc. Tonics are not a problem, since we now have regular monthly rare missions, I already have four of those. Sturdy shields on the other hand get spent a lot faster. And don’t get me started on stuff llike Tome of Tactics. I’ve got 3, no real prospect of more, and I’m saving those for Joon.

I agree. I would definitely level Kashhrek. He will be a great 4 star tank for you and you can save your 5 star ascension items for a better green than Kadilen. Wait for someone like Lianna or a good hero of the month.

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You only need one ToT per 5* hero. They also come up once per rare quest cycle: there are two versions of Farholme Pass, one with a Damascus Blade, the other with a Tome of Tactics.

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Wait… lol you’re right, I was confused about that part. In that case I’m pretty well-off in terms of rare ascension items. :smiley:

Thanks for advice, guys. I’m fast-tracking Kashhrek as soon as I finish levelling Wu Kong.

Kashrekk is a beast and the sole reason i was able to walk through intermediate and advanced in the last event. Tib,Kash.Cyprian,Kash, Tib was my team for both intermediate and advanced i was able to literally auto play the first 7 levels till i actually had to play it myself. I just wanted the finishing rewards asap and that team owned them. Considering i have 6 5* should tell you how OP that team is.

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I’m leveling up a Kashrek for a backup healer so I’m glad you thought he’d be a good addition too.

Can you elaborate a bit on Kadelin? I’ve been sitting on 8 Tonics and distraught of not pulling Zeline. Looking for a reason to ascend my Kadelin.

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