Which hero should i ascend next?

Agwe, Boldtusk, Chao, Caedmon2, Joon2, Kiril, Hu Tao, Elena, Noor, Khagan, Mist, vivica. Merlin

All heroes at 60, have duplicates of Caedmon and Joon both fully ascended.

IMO, in order: Kiril, Mist, Chao

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I’ll put a second vote for Mist. Whether to put her above or below others depends on what else you’ve got. If this is your entire roster then I’d level up a healer. As Agwe isn’t really liked by anyone (I’m sure there’s someone out there), Kiril is your best bet given the opportunity cost within each element.

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Bt Mist Kiril merlin,
awge yeah I do like haha I have a soft spot for lagoon family hero’s.
Plus a cleric not many cleric hitters out there, one reason I maxed him was for trails sure not much use for me now but manged to help me on the last stage enough times. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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