Which hero provokes your irrational fear factor?

OK, confessional time!

Which hero is the one, that you know you can beat, but who still makes you lunge for the ‘reroll’ button in a raid?

I’m not talking about the heavy hitters, I mean the heroes that everyone on this forum is gonna declare “Oh they’re easy, you just…” followed by perfectly sensible suggestions to defeat said hero. You know it, but you you still just want to run away anyway.

I’ll kick it off with two of mine:

  1. The Counter-Attackers - Boril and Cyprian. I know beating them is as easy as exclaiming ‘Get the hence!’ while firing Sabs or Caeds… but, but… what if I don’t have the manna maxed in time? It’s gonna hurt. Like a big slap on a sunburned shoulder hurt. REROLL!
  2. The Slow Attack All Enemies 4* - yeah, that’s it, I’m talking LJ and Colen (not Skittleskull though). I KNOW I can smash them more often than not. But, but… what if they fire? Then I get the sunburned shoulder slap not once, not twice, but three or even six times! Ouchies! REEEEEEEEEEEROLLLLLLLLL!

Phew that feels better now I’ve said it aloud.

So who is the hero that makes you wanna scream for ‘Mummy’, even though you know it’s completely irrational?


To be onest i m raiding in dimond and i m not afraied of guin or grave but usualy when i meet delilah it freaking makes me wana reroll , i have lost many times to here freaking minions , in my opinion one of the best tanks in game…


Alby on the left. Even if paired with Priscas and Banes. I mean how many times must I kill that Prisca, just to see her coming back, hitting my team again and again!! Like fighting zombies, it never ends, aaaah!

They are alive, they are alive, run!


Yes! Those blasted minions! If Xmas heroes are what I’ve read they are, I’m hiding under the bed.

I’m levelling Gobbler right now. Which is a sentence I never though I’d utter



Adding Prisca in the mix put a big fat tick in the irrational fear box. Lol

Agreed 100% on the counter-attackers. They scared me so much when I started playing that I now have Cyp and Boril on my defence team (positions 2 and 4) in the hope of striking terror into the hearts of my foes. :smiling_imp: I nearly always reroll for Boril tanks, and I’ll think twice about Cyprian too.

As someone who plays in lower-mid Platinum, a Kashhrek tank always has me hitting the reroll button, because that’s a guaranteed loss for me (although that’s probably not irrational at my level).


A fellow Counter Attacker traveller! Thank you. It helps to know I’m not the only one.

Now for a little counselling… Kashhrek is a very, very good tank. Should almost be a 5*. If Kash is paired with the right defence, he is tough to beat. I’m well past the point where I should be concerned about Krash-wreck, but I still occasionally reroll. Stay strong! It’s not you… it’s him!


I’m also raising a Kashh to slap in between those two Riposte heroes. :wink:

One day I’ll be a contender… lol.


Lol. And a beast of a team for AW defence!

I love the fact that you are levelling the heroes you fear facing. It’s an awesome strategy!


In this order:

  1. Guinevere. I maintain she’s OP and while I can beat her, it takes too much strategy and she will eat you alive if you misstep. Reroll 100% of the time.

  2. Isarnia. Her special is slow but absolutely devastating. Does monster damage but the defense debuff is the real killer. Reroll about 75% of the time.

  3. Gravemaker tank. I can beat him too but if you hit him with tiles AT ALL he fires that dagblamed special And you’re in trouble. Plus he always seems to take about 5 more tiles to die than you expect. Reroll about 25% of the time.


For me Guin, Delilah, and Aegir. Sorta in the last case.
The other two I can and do beat regularly in the wars, but are real pains all the same, so I generally reroll on sight. Aegir isn’t really a threat in my experience, but he can be such a tedious pain to wear down with my usual team that I avoid him in case I fall asleep mid-raid from boredom.

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I freaking hate those little buggers… like I REALLY hate em.


So agree with Issie. Oh my lord, slow… but stand back when she fires.

Aegir! That’s the point of this thread… so many will say… yadda yadda yadda… nerfed… blah blah blah… underpowered… meh meh meh… not a top tier tank… but, I agree with you!

And just quietly I have used him in AW offence, and sometimes, something magical happens that I can’t easily explain and he keeps it all going on.

Hel tank… 'cause even if you have already defeated her many times you still remember when a no-color cascade fulled her mana and let you lose a raid while screaming in pain


OK. This is a borderline rational / irrational fear.

On balance though… its a pass!

Scary when it shouldn’t be

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For me Sonya and Caedmon. My preferred attack team includes Boldtusk, wu, khiona, Triton . All buffs, so getting debuffer is such a pain. Maybe it is rational?

Coleen especially when fully ascended, or Azlar, just burn me down too

And of course Alby, I hate when you kill stuff and it comes back. Luckily I don’t see too much of him at my level

Nice idea for a thread!


Azlar doesn’t count. The lion king is scaaaaaaaaarey for realssies! Lol

But Sonya, Caeds, and Colen absolutely count as irrational fear heroes. They are scary even when you think you have them covered. I’m still often surprised at how devastating Sonya can be sometimes. I might start lobbying @Anchor to make her as ‘A-’ rating for mid-level players.


Boril, Cyprian, and Colen. I have heroes I can use that deal with their specials but I still avoid them!


The Counter-Attackers don’t really bother me, since I mostly use one Hero who can remove the Buffs. When I think of “unconvenient” Heroes at the Enemy’s Roster I really dislike Alberich, Alasile and Kelile (she often enough onehits some of my Heroes).

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