Which hero order help!

Here is what I have currently, Gravemaker, Zeline, Aegir, Deliah and Sartana in that order. Is there a smarter order? For defense?

I don’t have any of these but from reading I think I would swap Grave and Zeline. Grave seems to be a solid tank or flank.


Don’t you have other Blue hero ?
Aegir not solid in Defense.

Only Thorne who is 3 70 and a maxed Kiril and Grimm. Should I just keep Kiril on defense?

To be honest you probably could use Kiril and be ok.

At that point either GM or Delilah would be your tank. GM is a pain there being very fast, although delilah and those little “things” are quite annoying as well. You really couldn’t go wrong.

As for where to place him I am not sure if a corner or flank would be better

If all are maxed, I would swap GM and Zeline.

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So I recently got a second Sartana. Is she worth using? If so would this be the line up? Sartana, Zeline, Gravemaker, Deliah, Sartana? Or this Sartana, Zeline, Deliah, Gravemaker, Sartana?

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