Which hero of each color?


Hi, I would like to ask for the advice about what hero I should go next.

This is my Team, Wu and Kiril will max out soon, others will stuck to tier 3.
So I have plan to leveling other hero while waiting for ascention items.

This is my 4* and 5* Heroes. What hero of each color shoud I leveling next?

One more question, should I also leveling a team of 3* heroes? (Don’t know they will be use for some purpose?)

Thank you in advance for the advice.


With the ones you already have:

Tiburtus & Ameonna
Isarnia & Triton
Wilbur & Scarlett

Will give you the most solid teams.
If you want another yellow go with the panda if you don’t find anything else and Kashhrek only for defense.


Whatever Fravit said but I’m not a big fan or Triton. He can be good in AW with a few extra healers.