Which hero is better?

Hi everyone! I’m new here. Hoping to get some advice. I’ve needed 12 Tomb of Tactics forever now! I FINALLY just received one. I’m not sure who is the BEST hero at this point to give it to. Here is a portion of my heroes. The blue and red heroes are the heroes I need to choose from since other heroes need another ascension item. Can y’all help me? I’m thinking Alice, Aegir, or Mitsuko-

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IMO I would go with Zim since she is good at everything. You have Delilah and Kunchen as your heal/tank already. You also need a cleanser and Zim is the fastest option in the game along with a multi hitter.


That’s a tough choice.

Out of all the ones I can see the levels for, I think Zimkatha, Aegir, Alice, and Mitsuko are all very good choices. I lean towards Zimkitha or Alice here, since they’re both very good at everything in the game.

Aegir I find is hard to take down on defense as a tank, so only if you want a tank imo. Mitsuko is a hard tank to deal with too, but I find her a lot more fun on offense. She causes blue heroes and bosses in the campaign to self destruct with their own skills. But, she can do this at 3/70 too, so she can probably wait.


These are levels for others. Thank you for your advice

Thank you. I did not realize Zimkitha was a strong hero. I need to review her fully ascended stats.

I would also do the Zimka …
in defense it is often boring.

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I would go for zimkitha. But you are pretty good on red. Alice is also not bad but you have alasie as big hitter. Aegir dont have more use then def and maybe titans and you got good tanks already.

So I would go for zim her fast cleanse is amazing

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This may be a crazy question, but what do y’all mean by cleanser? Lol

cleanse the evil that heroes do to their

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Frida or Zimkitha would be my choice.

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Cleanser - Dispels status ailments from all allies.

For instance, your Vivica. :slight_smile:


Ahhhhh!That makes since. :grin: Zim seems to be the best then. I wish the Tomb of tactics was not so scarce

I’d say Frida. Her elemental defense drop can greatly increase your Titan damage, which can give you more mats for the others.

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Hmmm…I didn’t think of that. I was really thinking Alice- or Mitsuko originally so I m glad I posted this. Now I’m seeing things differently

I have to completely disagree with “Aegir don’t have use other then defence and titans”. Whiie Aegir is amazing on defence (he is my tank tier 7) he is also excellent on offence. The shared damage keeps you in control of the match and keeping your other heros alive. Great for stacking blues with him too.


Ugh!!! Nail biting - lol It could be months again before getting another tombs. Like I have 11 heroes only needing that one item. This really is a hard decision -

Agree…Aegir just might be BETTER on offense than on defense. He is killer for keeping your team alive on titans and raids/events.

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You can’t go wrong with Aegir. He help your team last longer in titan battles, thus allow for higher scoring and better loot. And he is quite hard to deal with as a tank too. Then again, you’ve got Kunchen and Delillah which is a good tank too.
That made you choice down to Zim for the fast cleanser.

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I haven’t done anything yet lol I can’t decide. So crazy!!! This game is taking up so much of my time. Out of all of them then you suggest Aegir?

Indeed. Aegir is first and foremost an offensive hero. His stats and abilities just allow him to perform his role better.

That said, he’d be the first I’d ascend out of all proposed heroes. He’s a beast against titans so he’s going to help get other mats for other heroes. A Zimkitha or an Alice will barely do any waves at 4/80 compared to their 3/70 versions, main progress with those will be in raids which are not very profitable.


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