Which hero is better isarnia or richard

I have both isarnia and richard 3/70 and have enough ascension items for upgrading them but not sure which one to upgrade. my other 5 star hero’s are vivica, morgan le fay,zimkitha and joon, all are 4/80 level . who is better for this line up

Isarnia is in my main raid lineup. When she fires things get interesting.

They have very different roles, bu I lean toward Isarnia. She has great damage and her drfense debuff is amazing on offense. Unfortunately she is very squishy and slow mana, so it is often difficult to cast her special in raids/titans before she dies. Richard is a good tank, but isn’t as useful on offense. His special hits hard and has a nice effect, but is just ok for average mana, and would be better with a higher attack stat.

is isarnia good with zimkitha

For titans isarnia might be better on paper, but she probably won’t survive 1 hit on bigger levels. Also if you have Wilbur her defense debuff on boss is overwritten. Since Wilbur isn’t that hard to get on atlantis I would ascend Richard.

Not only is he tanky he also gives an attack debuff on 3 people which is often overlooked.
Also he has the highest defense rating out of all TC 20 heroes which goes really well with Vivica defense buff. Also Zimkitha attack buff helps him with his dmg.

On offense is probably the only place where I see Isarnia doing better, as you can throw her ult and then Zimkithas for some nice aoe dmg.

So I vote Richard.

However, before you do anything. Wait till the atlantis passes, who knows what you might get there.

@Desupoto is the combination of wilbur and richard good .cause i have wilbur also nut not fully levelled

I am using Isarnia quite a lot… offence, defence, titans… don´t have Richard, so i can´t tell about him.

My line-up Joon, Isarnia, Ares, Lianna, Sartana… before i have used Kiril instead of her. She is doing pretty good in all areas… she improved my cup score quite a lot. When she fires, it is game over in 9/10. The same with titans… currently we are fighting 8* / 9* and she improved my score as well. I love her.

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Everything is good with Isarnia.
Even mondays mornings.


You can find the answer here:

Short answer: Zimkitha is good with Isarnia, Isarnia is good with or without Zim.

Richard is good for Defense.
Isarnia is good for Titans and Offense.

You already have some good heroes for Defense (Viv, Zim).

For red titans yes.

When I think about it a little more, you might aswel level up Isarnia as your main team has 2 x yellow heroes, so the opponents will probably stack purple color.

My only issue honestly againts her is her squishyness + slow mana. If an opponent targets her with 3 random (non green) tiles and a sniper hit she will fall 99%.

I am giving her all the wizard emblems. Can u imagine her with tank lvl hp and def…

It depends on your playstyle.

If you are the kind of player that likes precision strikes with fast to average hardhitters, and plays the tile puzzles accordingly, you will like Richard and get good use out of him.

If you are the kind of player that likes the puzzle, and plays the tile puzzles to create maximal cascades, you will like Isarnia and get good use out of her.

Slow heroes are potentially among the most powerful heroes in this game, but it takes a puzzle focussed playstyle to unleash that potential. The puzzle focussed playstyle is superior in mana generation, but it may not always be the exact mana a precision strike player would like to have at that time. So these two styles of play are quite different in nature, but they can be mixed, and when mixed they are most effective.

If you actually do have a mixed strategy, Isarnia is still better than Richard. She has top tile damage, top AoE damage and the best in slot defense debuffer. And she is quite robust against AI fallacies with her full 5 target AoE special which adds to her deadliness on defence.

Richard is more of a tanky Jack of all Trades. I like Richard, he’s a nice 5 star. I love Isarnia, she is the Ice Queen Goddess.

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