Which hero is better at maximum?

Thank you for help :blush:

I agree with @Ultra. Generally, you want to max hitters over support heroes for maximum effect. Miki and Frida can be almost as effective at 3-70 as at maxed, Magni can’t.

In isolation, max Magni first. If you already have other maxed snipers available then maybe max Miki first for bigger titan hits.

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I’m only at level 30 BUT my only fiver is Miki… I’ve been building him up (currently 3rd ascension). I’ve seen many a reference to him being a “Titan killer.” Just why is that? Can someone explain to me how to use him as such?

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Don’t forget about challenges. Legendary is where Miki sines in all glory.
If you hit with Thorne or Richard after Frida - well, that’s usually the end of story.
Magni hits hard and he’s fast.

So, Magni is useful as is, plain and simple. Frida and, especially, Miki, require some strategic planning and tactics. But with proper company can be devastating.


Against titans you go almost strong mono color team, set a def down to the beast, att up to your team and then throw as many tiles at it as possible while keeping your buffs up and your team alive.

Miki just buffs the highest tile damage with his 100% att increase.

Tarlak, Ranvir and Wu Kong are the other heroes with massive att boosts.

They all stack with normal att up from e.g. Boldtusk to get the max.

If you add 2 different def downs (usual + elemental) and a healer, you’ll probably increase your titan hits like crazy.

Dragon banners, storms and time stops may help to boost your att, to survive and rework bad boards.

Start your tile damaging feast now. Go A on every titan… :sunglasses:


Thanks! I tested your information by using a mana potion to pop off his special attack and was able to maintain it almost throughout the entire attack… The result was about a 40% increase in overall damage to the titan!

I’ve learned about color stacking a while back and use that technique based on the titan’s element… With the information you gave me, I am now a more effective titan attacker!

Thanks again!


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