Which hero is best in no red 3* tournament?

I got By-Ulf first of this trio. Then Grevle and a last Scrubbear joins in. In a no red 3* tournament which green hero is usefull in defense ? By-ulf is Paladin, very usefull as tank but his defense is low. Even after some emblems. Grevle has a great defense stat but his heath is low. I don’t know where Scrubbear fits in. I think grevle is the best of this trio but others may chims in.
My other rare greens are Belith, Mnesseus, Hisan, costume Isshtak with his defense down.

I don’t rate By-Ulf particularly highly… He’s massively outclassed in this company.

Grevle and Shrubbear are both excellent - I have both maxed and emblemed and both get used plenty!

For obvious reasons, Grevle sucks on bloody battle tournaments, but he’s god tier on rush attack and better than the Shrub on buff booster.


Agreed with @BubblesUK; I also don’t rate By-Ulf virtually at all… I levelled him thinking he’d be awesome for tournaments but really don’t use him ever…

My thoughts are more here:

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By-Ulf is a staple in my green Challenge Event team (cBrienne, Ishhtak, By-Ulf, Mnesseus, Berden) but I’m not particularly fond of him for defense. I had him emblemed at one point to +20 but after 3 tournaments of D, C and C ranks I didn’t feel like being the guinea pig any longer to keep gauging his potential. I’ve stripped him since in favor of better paladin 3* (Tyrum, Gunnar and Ei-Dunn come to mind).

For Shrubear he can be very tough to take down after the fires but he is also dispelled easily by Mnesseus and Tyrum. Personally I think he’s a much better offensive 3* and only wish I had him for that.

Grevle is only one out of those that has given me significant trouble in recent 3* tournaments where healing is allowed. He’s basically a mini Heimdall without the resurrection, his defense stat is the highest in 3* rarity and his boosted HP makes him much more difficult to take out than he seems. He’s the one I’d choose to use on a 3* defense team out of those green heroes.

By-Ulf got me an A in a few buff booster tourneys…but then Grevle came out. By-Ulf was put out to pasture by Grevle.

Grevle is best. Bi-Ulf is sub-par & only heals/shields 3. Burns bright then crashes if you haven’t won. No such shortcoming w Grevle or Shrubbear. But, I also have left my BiUlf at 1/1 so maybe consider the input from those who’ve used him.

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