Which hero hits with tiles when stacking a color (Ranvir)


I was wondering, when stacking heroes of the same color, how does the game decide which hero the tiles damage is chosen from.
Now I know the attack from all the heroes stack.
However, the reason why I’m asking is because of Ranvir :

Let’s say I have three green heroes on which Ranvir’s effect is active. One of the three heroes is on 100 hp, while the two others are on 1200. Now, i’m hitting a hero with green tiles who has 1000hp.

How does the game decide on which tile the effect of Ranvir is gonna be active ?


every hero has its own troop.
which troops/tile that hits is randomly selected (if im remembering correctly).

so you have your answer :slight_smile:

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That seems to make sense, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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