Which Hero/es Do You Regret Working On?

Without a second thought. Probably Noor over Ruben, but I would have picked Ruben before the change in double formations.

@The_Seeker I am VERY happy to see you posting again! It’s really good having you back, I valuable your contributions very much.

Case in point - your opinions on Elradir and Scarlett resonated with me. Re Scarlett, yes sure she has high attack, but I find her special rarely kills anyone… so indeed, I find her better for Titans and Challenge Events. (though for Titans, I use Elena instead, who has higher attack - also because mine has higher emblems).


Agreed on Elradir. Some people were convinced he was great based on misleading videos posted on the forum, showing extremely improbable situations, such as 3 Elradirs vs all DOT defense teams. You have to hope the DOT hits Elradir, THEN hope the other team dies from the reflected damage before yours. I’d rather cleanse it and keep my heroes alive.

About Scarlett, I do use her on titans and in challenge events, but I haven’t LBed her, so no regret there. Your experience makes me think twice about doing it. Costume Colen might be the better option, since he’s more useful in most situations.

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Thanks! What I’ve currently experienced first hand is how much difference things like troops and emblems make and how the utility of a hero should take into account not only the hero, but also what troops and emblems that hero is associated with and also where the hero is used.

For example. fully emblemed and with a level 11 mana troop Elizabeth is a fully different “animal” from Elizabeth without emblems and mana troop. With emblems and limit breaks, Kelile survives fights against teams of 4700-4800 TP, Scarlett gets crushed when fighting against the same teams, even fully emblemed and limit broken herself (667 def and 1350 HP for Scarlett vs 841 and 1221 for Kelile, which compensates fully for Kelile’s 898 attack (still very high) vs 975 for Scarlett). *Both of them have also costume bonus

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As I mentioned before, I do think Elradir can be useful if you have a level 23 mana troop (I don’t) and emblems (I don’t, Cobalt ate them all and I am convinced I made the right choice to give them to him :)) And if you have two of them and a healer that does not cleanse (Lady Woolerton is perfect for him as she is fast), you can have good results.

But there are too many “ifs” for a player that does not have many options.

I also limit broken Costume Colen and I don’t regret him. He is a killer in very fast wars and I can use him satisfactory also in other situations, but he is dependent on some other good heroes around to help him live to hit. If you have Wilbur and C. Boldtusk and can fire them in 9 tiles, it can help a lot. Garnet is even better :smiley:


yeah, re Elradir, I have Francine… so there’s simply no synergy, if I use Elradir it does not make sense to use Francine.


I’m about 56 years away from having lvl 23 mana troops. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have a green mana troop. :joy: And I only have 1 Elradir.

And yeah, the Boldtusk/Wilbur/costume Colen combo is devastating. I add cb Elena and everybody is pretty much dead. I’m not a huge fan of mono though, so I only use that team sparingly.

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I was ecstatic to get Francine with my saved EHTs. * Checks notes * Wait, no, it was Vlad. :sob:

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ah Vlad.

Just… just shameful, really, this poor useless vampire.

although… I don’t regret maxing him as he was cheap, and he once won my alliance a war…


Lol, the good old times when we fielded mono 3* teams in wars hoping for the best. Not sure it’d work with the 7900 TP teams we’re facing nowadays. Glad Vlad proved useful at least once.

I think my most ridiculous win was with a mono green 3* and Muggy, who created an army of Bruiser Bros which wiped out a 5* team with tiles thanks to a stupidly good board.


ah, the good old days before emblems and limit breakers…

whooo, RNG gonna RNG, but RNG can be good. if only the enemy could have seen the team that attacked them, I’m sure they would have fallen of their chairs…

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I wasn’t playing yet when emblems didn’t exist. I have mixed feelings about them. They make my 4* more competitive, but since I started way after most players, they force me to make difficult choices bc I don’t have enough of them. I despise talents though. There’s nothing more infuriating than watching an enemy revive 7 times in a row. It makes luck even more prevalent in a game that is already strongly luck based.

I dislike limit breakers, but at least I’m not lagging behind. I was able to complete the Omega and Alliance quests as soon as they were introduced.


I regret working on any hero and lost 2 years !

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