Which Hero/es Do You Regret Working On?

4 star : kashhrek too
5 star : vela and Telluria. I don’t use them anymore. Useless

Recently I prioritized Gretel over Mist. Well, Gretel is going to be good for war depth but I really didn’t realize how superior Mist is, especially in a stack with Jackal and Joon.

I ascended JF before I had GM. Now I use GM all the time because he can have more emblems.

Telluria. She got nerfed as soon as I finished and her damage is nothing.

Vivica, Zulag and Li Xiu 2

Since my initial post I have re-evaluated my answer due to the number of new heroes I have in my roster.

My new answer is… Hu Tao.
Still. :laughing:

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Mist is a beast for a 4*. I stack her with Drake and Rabbit and they can take out a whole side sometimes.

@Nemissis, do you have a deep bench?
Funny, I see Kadilen in high diamond raid leaderboards.
Melendor, with costume, fully emblemed is a solid healer.

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