Which Hero/es Do You Regret Working On?

Grazul… complete waste of rings. I leveled her to counter telluria, then found other means to beat Telly instead. I learned to bring cleansing heros that do damage and/buff, heal more, etc.

I quit using her about a week after I finished her.

If her heal was higher I could find a use but for now she will collect webs sitting on my bench.

Please buff her heal so I can use her again!

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Um, she’s VERY FAST and blocks ailments. She’s a very useful hero for many situations. I’d take her off your hands…gladly!


I’ve got her as well and she’s the only healer in my main team. I can’t deny that she heals just a little bit and maybe isn’t the appropriate healer against snipers, but against Telluria, Vela, JF, Clarissa, … is quite useful.


Wow really? Running her with mana troops I ghost 3 tiles to charge her and can do 2 or 3 in rapid succession giving me 30-45% healing all while being protected from specials.

Literally my most used healer (and yes I do have Ariel)…I don’t even bother to bring a second healer she is that good. Very fast makes up for 15% heal.


She is average speed and faster than majority of healers. Once she’s fires everyone goes faster…she pairs with Alfrike very nicely…

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Without the 23 mana troop, she is effectively a slow hero (most matches are done with 3 tiles) compared to costume rigard with a level 5 mana troop (who effectively acts as a fast hero). Speed is everything sometimes, the fact that she can make Alfrike faster is irrelevant if she’s already dead.

For the record, I like Ariel very much now, but it’s because I have a blue level 23 mana troop.

2nd Kelile from back when I was running out of heroes to level… still sits at 3.60… don’t have the heart to eat :rofl:

People here love exaggerating, i like reading this post. Richard, Santa, Ares, Grimble, Telluria, Vela, Atomos…

My honest answer is Danzaburo. Most of the time he locks himself.

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Sir Lancelot is actually good against titans. His attack is high, and can increase mana speed of Elena or other slow red heroes.
If you have additional knives, then you should consider maxing him.

Mok-Arr, even after the buff he still doesn’t do damage to other dark heroes. This makes him hardly usable because every defence team has a dark hero with very rare exceptions. When I raided using him, I was frequently in an ironic situation where he was left against an enemy purple. Needless to say I lost every one of those fights.

Misandra is rather useless, 90% of the time it’s just one weak hit. She seems to only hit three times when there’s one enemy barely alive left standing. This is so consistent in my experience that I cannot help but find it suspicious.

Seems to me that Mok-Arr is tailor made to hit holy titans…

Qoh… thought she was like bk
Telluria and vela :poop:

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