Which Hero/es Do You Regret Working On?

Share your regrets and why. 1*-5* is ok to share.

I worked on a Kashrek to deepen my war bench. Used him about 2-3 times then haven’t used him since.


I got Kashrek too late, he is great when you start playing, and frustrating to play against. When I finally got him I rushed to level him up but realised before his final assention that I had outgrown him already.

The ones I regretted the most were 3* … and now I regret using them as feeders :sob:

There is a place for every hero in the game but sometimes they are in the wrong place at the wrong time :smile:


Ugly, ugly Agwe.

I am so short of blue that I had little choice, but I regret that SG made such an ugly useless creature.

His one niche is that he’s good for farming because he can kill four or five monsters with average mana.


For now …

Kunchen - too slow as a healer, don’t need a tank; but he will come around… he’s 3.30; got bumped by another purple who decided yo show up

Kadilen - I like her and had a green drought forever, but pulled 3 better quickly after giving her shields. I don’t regret leveling her - but Green mats are my nemisis.

Not a regret, but worked on the Little Joon that could…steady diet of 1* yellows .got him to 3.01 then pulled Poseidon 15 min later— wasn’t chasing him - but he fits much better on my team; so now I need 1 dart and 4 orbs for him or 1 dart for Joon.

Joon is better than Poseidon


I’ll do both eventually - but Poseidon fits better on my team (attack + buff, family bonus, fighter v monk, etc)

My hero storage could double as a monastery atm



20 ghosted tiles and attack buffs removed.


I mean I leveled two chaos and chao is absolutely useless but yellow just sucks for attacking heroes in general so it’s not quite a regret. I only use them in wars for a mono yellow team with li xiu Wu kong and drake. I have like 30 orbs saved up so I can’t call it a regret but he’s the worst hero I’ve leveled. Yellow is just my weakest attacking color due to yellow sucking so he’s a placeholder hero until I get jackal or they make another decent 4* yellow.


Not to forget epic challenge events where ice heroes are needed, not so much damage all available at that element. But that’s it I guess for poor Agwe, looking like the son of Kermit and a half boiled sea snake. :smile:


Lol even then I manage just fine without him.

But that is superb

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Kashrek is definitely no regrets for me. He even sat at the global no1 at one time.
I still use him to annoy people in diamond. :joy_cat:

My regret is Cheshire Cat. My god this cat throws my opponents all over the board.
I cant even stack properly with him around when he fires. :rofl:


Cats time to shine starts now at guardians! :grinning: but ím with you, was happy when I got him, thinking what a perfect hero for war cleanup and then … määh!

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Obakan… Started him because I don’t have many purple 5s and he is on fast mana.

Abandoned him on 3 60 and started lvelling Quin instead, when I realized is fast mana doesn’t make him less worthless :grinning:


No regret yet and hope will not have any… but I’m curious to see this thread so I don’t make any decision that I will regret

You don’t put her on defense, are you? She got her own attack buff and she is invinvcible for 4 turns so she don’t need defense buff, but I hate it when she remove healing over time buff from Gadeirus (shouldn’t put her on its side). How to use her anyway?

Did the cat change the tank at wrong time?

Given both Ameonna and Chesire Cat are 4* dark sorcerer, who can be ascended and emblemed without regret (other than Sabina)?

I’d give it to Ameonna in a heartbeat.

Steady tile damage and can ghost for survival when she needs to.

Yes. He threw the enemy tank away. I fired at the wing and the tank got changed.

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Have you try on refraining to use the skill before the tank got killed? I hear that it can still result in another hero filling the void tank position though…

I am still wondering why Anchor give Ameonna grade A for attack while only B for Chesire Cat. I read a thread in the forum where most people agree that Chesire Cat is better than Ameonna… Those conflicting conclusion make me worry about ascending Ameonna…

Ameonna is very good in terms of tile damage. Fast mana to charge. Her skill enables her to survive much longer. Removes any DoT and debuff. Pumps up her tile damage. Unable to be hit or skilled during activation.

What’s there not to like?


I have written too much about her already in Ameonna-specific threads.

She is:

  • Squishy - may not even survive until she fires, even if she is fast. Even if she survives, unless you have perfectly timed healing, she is back with no mana and no health = food
  • Not reliable. Deals no damage by special. Damage increase relies on using purple tiles. You can not charge other heroes when you work on purple tiles to get advantage of the special. Because she doesnt gain mana, you effectively don’t charge anyone. Plus it is fun when full charge Joon fires at her when ghost but theres 80% chance that he will hit someone else.
  • Pointless on buff-squads! I think she has the highest attack in the game, would love her on titans. But she removes any wu kong/tarlak buff. With wu kong it is extra annoying as you can still miss. Her special makes her actually weaker in these cases. Better take an ordinary purple and buff him with that Boldtusk/Wu Kong etc. They will hit only a bit weaker but still benefit from full utility of their own specials.

God forbid putting her on defense. I am not as suicidal as my nick suggests. But I can’t see a use for her anywhere. All of my other purples come first when composing offense.


Thanks both of you for responding

I hope I don’t turn this thread into Ameonna vs Chesire Cat debate… :laughing:

I like this thread, it enable players to learn from the mistakes of others so they will not have the same regret.


titan wise,
people complain about not stacking with wu > 280% attack
but 771 attack *1.8 (180% without miss is ok)


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