Which Hero/es Do You Regret **NOT** Working On?

So, we have a thread about heroes that we were training and then they turned out useless. I think we can say all of us have been there.

But, with the changes of today, notably Atomos, are there heroes that you regret not ascending sooner? Or, to generalize, do you regret stalling a hero who turned out a great asset and a staple in your team afterwards?

Mine will be probably soon Guardian Kong. From decent attacker to powerful attacker with rare (at 5*) cleanse ability, essentially allowing him to be damage dealer and support character all at once. My only cleanser is Vivica, and even she is currently locked in her Sorcerer Supreme mode, therefore Kong would be a great complement to such a team, given the cleanse and his damage. The ice resistance increase is just a cherry on the top. Alas, I don’t have rings for him right now … :cry:

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Good question…

None, really. I’m F2P and work on heroes as they come… Even for the Vanillas with new costumes, my summoning luck isn’t THAT good, I haven’t pulled any 4* or 5* costumes for heroes I haven’t worked on yet.

I’ve had Gobbler at 3/60 for a long time, and the buffs make him more appealing… but I maxed Melendor, Caedmon and Little John over him, and have my new Hansel and Caedmon costume in queue. All added/will add more to my Green stack than Gobbler, so no regrets (Gobbler will now get shields from me after Hansel and Caedmon-C are done, though.)

On the flip side, many of the rare 4s and 5s I got, I maxed anyway because I really needed them. The buffs are icing on the cake, but they already benefited me a lot. Margaret (my first ever maxed 5*) and Sir Lancelot (my 3rd ever 4* hero), for example.

So… no regrets…


Grazul. I have the mats for one red, and gave the Jean Franco. I use Grazul just as much at 3-70 than I do JF. We’ll see if the Telly/Velly defenses subside…but in the meantime, I wish I had maxed Grazzy


Just got her costume.
Now I have 3 unleveled.
5 tabards and 5 others @3.70.
Sarta has to wait years…


Hm… :thinking:

I think it would have to be Richard. He’s my first 5* in the game and while I had the materials to ascend him relatively early on, I kept delaying it. Given the nature of the game there’s always this “there’ll be something better” thought in the back of my mind. So I delayed his ascension hoping for something better.

It wasn’t until I started frequenting the forum that I came across opinions that Richard is serviceable as a tank. It seemed they are thought of as one of the better/best S1 tanks in the game.

But here’s the thing which I should have noticed. There’s only so long you can wait for something better when there’s something already serviceable. Also given the nature of the game with character rolls, if you’re unlucky that ‘something better’ might not be as forthcoming as hoped for. The other part of this is that the first higher * character usually can be game changing for the individual.

Game changing in the sense they provide you with a new focal point to build your team around. Had I been willing to ascend Richard sooner, then it’s possible I would have been able to get through maps and events quicker and further. In delaying I probably missed out on ascension materials and ultimately hindered my general progress as a result.

I must be boring but again - no regrets. I can only regret that some heroes showed up very late but that’s not my fault nor my decision. For example I got Wu Kong (so long awaited) during latest Atlantis and I’m currently leveling him up even though I have nearly 8 5* heroes in line.
I always try to look on the bright side. I haven’t maxed many valuable heroes yet but I still have a chance.

My most recent regret would be Kashrek. I never worked on him because I couldn’t really use him and had other green heroes to work on. But then yesterday I pulled his costume. It looks quite interesting and I’d like to try it out, but unfortunately I will have to wait for that for a while.

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Maybe Joon, for a long time I hoarded darts then just decided to do it.

Made battles v Kunchen a lot easier

I regret not finishing Buddy sooner. I pulled him way back in 2018, and totally neglected him. He’s actually a fairly solid 4* green tank, at least for platinum and below levels. He would’ve been a great boost for me in the early days.

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Slightly off topic, but Miki was the HOTM when I first joined…I didn’t see any value in him at that time (now regretting it) and ate him. For the ones in my still youthful roster Caedmon is the one I keep on saying I will level next, but have never got to.

Aegir… Got him on his first advent, so much noise for his buff then , that I had to pull the plug on his ascension and thereafter gave Frida,since then it was like a jinx, from Frida to Magni, Alasie…as soon as I am ready for him something more interesting will prop up…, now my beloved Aegir is still at 3/70 for over a year.

I ignored Merlin for ages, kept 1 for Pokemon reasons and fed all 3 dupes. Just didn’t seem that interesting to me.

Then in a no yellow 4* tournament I got absolutely obliterated by a pair of them. Honestly it was horrific.

I now have a fully levelled Merlin and regrets I don’t have a 2nd one…

I was the same for Miki, except I kept mine.
As a newb, he was my very first 5* and my first ever HoTM. I thought he seemed pointless and rubbish, as I was just wanting healers and snipers. At the time I thought that’s what was needed and best… but I am glad I kept my Miki and maxed him. He has been amazingly helpful - not to rub it in too much haha

I don’t think I have any regrets, as above, it just all depended on who I have at the time.
I have maxed the “best” of each element at the time of what I have. For instance I hav 2x Sartana, 1x Domitia, 1x Clarissa, 1x Quintus… I worked on Clarissa, now switched to Sartana because Clarissa is max.

I do have lots I really want/need to do but just don’t have the resources to be able to do them as fast as I want, so I am sticking with one at a time instead of one element at a time. Right now I got Lianna the other day so I am currently working on her.

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Hmm, probably closest for me is working on Horghall over a dupe Lianna. I was going for hero versatility but honestly two Liannas would have been more versatile.

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On my f2p alt, Margaret after the buff. In desperation, and no Lianna, I started on Elk and have him nearly at 3/70. Margaret not started yet

That’d be Proteus for me! I… really ought to try level him up :sweat_smile: i just don’t have the trap tools or emblems for him

Mine was Evelyn, had her for 4 months before I realised how great her special skill is with other nature heroes. She’s now at 3/70 awaiting tonics

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