Which Hero(es) Came to Your Roster Too Late?

For me it’s any Hero of the Month. I’ve been playing for 6 months and just can’t seem to land one. I tried 50 pulls to get Frida and came up empty.

Kashrek, for me, definitely… I maxed the cutsed lizard just for the good old time’s sake, when for a while I considered it impossible to kill :grinning:


I got Alberich on my first day of playing this game and love him.

I would imagine that if I pulled Mother North, I might find her obsolete…

Wu Kong and Wilbur have not arrived yet. I consider them to be late.

You’re right… Never can have too many debuffers! And a good portion of my greens are passive, so it would be nice to have more green heroes with teeth!

Err…probably the likes of Kageburado, Ariel, Tarlak, Inari, Mitsuoka or even Sartana and Joon. By the time they knockin’ on my door. I probably don’t play the game as intense as before…lol. Jk.
I wanted Rigard and Sonya so bad but Kunchen and Richard turn up instead. By the time 2 Rigard shows up at tc20, Kunchen is already at 3 70.
At least, Caedmon replaced Sonya as fast dispeller.
I’ve got Grimm and Boldtusk at the earlier stage of playing but only bring em’ to tier 4 after maxed Richard, Wilbur, Triton, Kiril and Gormek. A decision I kinda regret to date.

Same here. I’ve got three of him after I maxed Richard as a tank. Level one to 4 70 and used for war. A Kashhrek tank flanked by Li Xiu and Richard once won 13 flags for me in war.

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For me it’s Tibs. I didn’t get him for almost a year. Now I have three at 1/1 and I keep debating whether to finally level him up for wars. Eventually I will, if only for @KalosianPorygon’s sake.


Tibs and Rigard… just recently pulled them and have a long list of more interesting purples I’d prefer to work on instead (also have Kunchen maxed which is essentially almost the other gentlemen in one pleasantly smiling package). At least Rigard will get finished though… eventually.

After 7 months - still no Wu and no BT… thats what i ´m missing :pensive:

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Uhhh good question. Still no Caed here. Rigard, Sonja and Grimm came only recently…

Don’t even want to talk about the 5* heros, too many eluding me, especially missing Viv, Lianna and Magni from the vanillas.

Nearly a year in and Kiril is the only base 4* I don’t have, but I figure that it’s never too late for the old brewer since he’s such a useful one.


I’m still missing Boldtusk after 8 months. I am afraid he will be on the bench permanently by the time I finally get him.

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Kadhrek and Little John only get to eat clones. I doubt they’ll ever be used unless there is a special tournament for stunted heros. Caedmon and Sonja keep getting bumped from the queue, but I know I will get around to maxing them eventually.

Tiburtus and Boril, my last 4*

And all Atlantis 3*

And possibly all Atlantis 4* except Wilbur and I haven’t gotten the purple girl yet whose name escapes me.

All S2 5s and 4s except Wilbur and Agwe, since I still miss them after 9 months.