Which Hero(es) Came to Your Roster Too Late?

Brienne. Got her a week ago, but I doubt I would’ve used her as I needed a healer and I only had Belith. Still waiting to see Hawkmoon again.


Lianna. I had Gregorion sitting at 3/70 for a while, but lacked a green sniper. At average speed, Greg wasn’t my first choice, but I didn’t have a second choice, so Greg go the tonics. Then, sure as shooting, Lianna shows up.

It’s taken me a while to get the tonics for Lianna, but I’m still a set behind. I’d much rather have Hatter at 80 snd Greg atb70,than the other way around.



He’d be at 4/70 if I’d gotten him early. But by the time I got him, I’d moved beyond the point where he could tank effectively. Unless I get unlimited mats some day, he’ll forever be warming the bench at 1/1.


Berden and Balthazar

Berden was my last missing base 3* to get…right now I put him to last ascension…somewhere 3.15…so he got some part in wars and class quests so far…and hopefully still more

Bathazar…wished I had him when playing with 3* team…he came up about 2-3 months ago, since then 4* dark projects were the ones to level…so he has remained (almost) unleveled yet


Don’t be sleeping on the Blind Seer. Her mana control can be a life-saver. I’m chomping at the bit for the darts to max her (just need 2 more). I knew she helped a bunch, but I didn’t realize how much until I had to switch her out for the Legendary tier of Guardians earlier this month. (I could have dealt with the yellow damage reflecting, but they also reflect her mana steal, which was brutal.)

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Oh she’ll get maxed… I know how good the Mana control is… I have a proteus that has been amazing in the events.

Wu Kong will help me more with a Titan and want at least one or two powered yellow 4*'s powered before I jump back to 5*

Tarlak!!..let you know when I get him.

Even though Kasshrek was my second green 4* he came too late because got Lianna right after.

  1. Already had tank good enough for platinum, just needed offense to catch up.
  2. Already had tank that would be good enough for diamond by the time offense was ready for that.
  3. That only left the matter of alliance moving toward green tank in war. Calculating, by the time I could get Kasshrek to level 60, and a third of the experience way to 70, I could get Lianna to 60 and a bit more than a third of the experience way to 70. I could run double green instead of green tank until Lianna ready to ascend to tank. And, of course, in desperate need of hitters for offense. So no sale on Kasshrek.

Finished Berden in the meantime…but Balatazar still sits on 1.4 …may be forever.

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Alberich, I got him after I maxed MN and I have other green options to work on

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Azlar. In need of a red 5* I pulled Elena from tc20. Debated for a week as to whether to give her the rings. No sooner did she get the rings and I pull Azlar from Atlantis. At least Elena got a buff…but no rings for Azlar.

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I’ve been playing a little over a year what I’d consider C2P, just as some backstory…

Kasshrek - When he was devastating me in raids, I couldn’t get one. Now I have 2 at 3x60, and I most likely will never max either.

Little John - I pulled him during the most recent Easter event, so I went almost a year without ever getting him. I’d have loved him earlier on, but he will sit at 1x1 for now. Might take him to 3x60, but at that point, he wouldn’t even make a war team…

There are 3 which still elude me, and it annoys me to no end. I still have never gotten Rigard, Grimm, or Caedmon. Caedmon, at this point, would probably get the same treatment as Little John, but Rigard and/or Grimm would be amazing and immediately maxed (Assuming I EVER get Fine Gloves!).

Edit - I’m also missing any 5* Red! Got rings and blades waiting, but no hero to throw them at!!!

F2P, first starting the game in Jan of 2018 and desperately wanting a good team healer, maxed out both Sharan and Sha Ji and really wanting Belith and/or Hawkmoon. There are many map stages or quests where I had barely passed but had to go heavy on healing items.

One day Melendor (basically the upgraded Belith, who already does more than Hawkmoon) dropped from a EHT in March, and I had not looked back… I didn’t start getting both Hawkmoon or Belith until I started either TC13 or TC20 sessions. But by then I no longer have active use of either of them any more. Don’t get me wrong, they are maxed at 3^50 on my bench for Challenge Events. But yes, would’ve liked to have them earlier than when I actually did.

Wu after 13 months of playing… :angry:

Isarnia. Great hero, but before I got her, I got Arthur, Athena, Magni, Frida, Alasie, and Ariel. Would be great to get her to 4/80, but it’ll probably never happen.

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I had been playing for over a year. Already had Wilbur maxed. Then I drew Gormek, who is now obsolete (only in my stupid opinion, don’t hate).

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Balthazar. I wouldn’t have maxed Prisca…

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Same here. Coincidence? I think not.

Caedmon is still a good 4* sniper with debuff. I like to run him with Eve and Lianna in raids.

Some 3* for me.
Balthazar, Cho-chin and Gill-ra came when i had Sabina, Rigard, Cheshire and Proteus waiting for some feeders. Now, the 4* are either max or 3/60 but Thot will be my next project so, no love for the 3*
Melia. Jackal came just after.
Berden, Mnesseus and LJ are all on the bench for quite some time now. Was busy maxing Kashkrek and got Melendor and Caedmon on last Avalon, so they became project A and B
I am still waiting for Wu, BT and Kiril… Had no chance with Tc13, hope it will be better with Tc20 next week

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