Which Hero(es) Came to Your Roster Too Late?

I have a couple:

Li Xiu - raiding in low platinum, she was a pain! Always wanted her attack all and mana control. Now I have Merlin and Proteus maxed for mana control and currently working on Joon, Vivica and Leonidas for my yellows.

Kashrek - raiding in platinum, he was always single-handedly kickng my ■■■. I raid “straght up”, no stacking for the longest time, and his heal would crush me.

Melandor - I keep reading that he’s the best 4* classic green hero, but I got him only after fully maxing Alberich and Caedmon.

*I’m still waiting on Boldtusk. Running three TC20s non-stop for a couple of months now. Just pulled Anzogh yesterday…

Which heroes came to you too late?


I pulled my first Gormek with Wilbur already at 4.70.

'Mek is still on the bench going hungry.


Kashrek after I’d already been in diamond for a while… I even leveled him to try to make it work because he always gave so much trouble.


Rigard , gormek, Sabrina , Tib,

I got them all from TC 20 I believe but got them all after playing for over a year …
I had only 1 purple 4* hero - Cyprian and I only ascended him because I had no other purple hero ( honestly I found him trash)… And I’ve wanted gormek since early in the game…

Currently none of those heroes mentioned are fully maxed , due to obtaining 5* heroes ( Magni/Sartana) the exact same time …


Isarnia and Azlar. Wanted both for so very long, but only got them a couple months back. Now there’s no more Damascus Blades to go around so might be a long while before they go to max


I got the Ramming Pulverizers late; I just fully ascended Gormek. I don’t have Wilbur though, so maybe I’ll be singing the same tune once I get the Fisherman!


Kashhrek for me…got him too late, maxed him against my better judgement and used him for maybe two weeks before I permanently benched him.


Joon for me. He is still stuck with Poseidon, Leo and Vivica at 3/70.
Have the darts but dont feel like upping any of them since I already have Drake/Rana/Onatel.

Sabina for me. I waited forever to get any dispeller and never did. The riposte heroes made raiding a pain to deal with. Now that im hanging around end of platinum and entering diamond, i dont run into them as much anymore.


I picked up Joon fairly soon after I finished maxing Guardian Owl. :rofl:


Cyprian. I got my first one last week, after playing for 18 months. He’s very low on my list to get any food. I have lots of other purples ahead of him.

I also got my first Skittleskull but at least he’s green and I always need more greens.


Sabina aftef 13 months, she is still at 1^01, I don’t have time for her


4* greens. Specifically caedmon, LJ and melendor (still don’t have him).

For the longest time I only had kashhrek and skittles (and greg waiting on tonics). When caedmon finally came out of TC20 earlier this year I was jubilant and immediately maxed him and gave him my druid emblems. And yep he helped with the trials. But I just don’t use him as much as I thought I would. Trials and wars, and occasionally a raid. But for all those aegir tanks I’d rather steal their buffs than just dispel. It’s a shame.

Then I recently picked up LJ and he’s still at 1/1. I think now, 10 months in, I would still potentially level Melendor if I get him but with the drought on gloves, he’s a long ways down the queue.

Cyprian is another story, had him a long time and neglected him. When I finally got around to maxing him, I realised how much help he is. But immediately after that my TC coughed up sartana, and as soon as I have a set of tabards she’ll likely take usurp his spot on the purple team. Then again, maybe not always :slight_smile:

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Boldtusk - had Kiril at 4/70… and a 3.70 and growing 5* team

Melador and kashrek - just got them

Hel - got her, she is a priority … but she doesn’t play well with Onatel 3.70, and I already have 2 Proteus


Hel- got her in the last Atlantis summons, along with Sartana. But I need a fast dark sniper more than I need another moderate/slow dark hero. My Dark bench is full of moderate and slow heroes, with only 1 faster hero (Victor), so Hel goes on the back burner.


I’ve pretty much always had any hero I wanted available to me besides 5* heroes, but my focus was 4* anyways. So it’s not that kashrek came to me too late, but I definitely waited too long to level him. By the time I maxed kashrek I already had 25 maxed heroes and very shortly after maxing him, started leveling Lianna who replaced him on my defense team. I think I used kashrek for like one month. Idk I was just more focused on leveling offensive heroes for war before I got to leveling him to be a tank :man_shrugging:


I’m not as far along as some folks here, so my list will look a little different.

  • Gunnar and Kailani - Man, I hated spirit link with a passion, especially until I got some dispellers, but by the time I got either of these, I already had better options. Due to a dearth of blue projects, I eventually maxed Gunnar for raid tournaments, but I fed away a lightly leveled Kailani recently as soon as I got a better cleric option for class trials.
  • Belith and Hawkmoon - I ran Sharon like, forever, because I needed a healer. Eventually, I pulled both Nashgar and Kelile, and I could no longer justify keeping Sharon around. So I was pumped to pull Friar Tuck because I needed a healer, but the only healing nearby got old real quick. That forced me into another mistake, prioritizing Graymane because I thought the self-heal would compensate. It didn’t, and I put off leveling Valen because of the wolf. I got both Sabina and Melendor before either Belith or Hawkmoon showed up.
  • Balthazar and Tyrum - I knew Balthazar was an assassin, and I’ve recently discovered how helpful Tyrum would have been (still is in raid tournaments, class trials for now, and rare tier events). But I pulled Sabina before either of these, upgrading directly to her from Layla because I needed a healer (see above). Now, I’m going back to max both Balthazar and Tyrum.

Although I’m now up to four 5-stars (Onatel, Poseidon, Domitia, and Thorne), I’m still waiting on some must-have four stars to show up - Boldtusk, Rigard, and Kiril. Also still don’t have a counterattacker on my roster. This despite having three Tiburtuses, three Danzaburos, and two Sabinas. RNG is weird.


Kashhrek was my late bloomer. He is still totally unleveled. He wouldn’t get much use now but I will keep him around.


Rigard and kashrek. Already maintaining 2500 trophies by the time they came around.

Any 4* yellow heros… Got Leonidas to 3.70 before I had any… powered extra yellow 3* to 3.50 (2nd bane, gan ju, and meila) and then onatel to 3.10 ish before getting one (currently 3.45 but on hold)…

Got hu tao first early in March… Powered him to 3.60 (that 7/8 special is annoying). Then got Chao and Danzaburo from the Atlantis just just around when I was finishing hu tao. Powered Chao to 2.25… Then pulled Wu Kong, Li Xiu, and Guardian Jackal at the same time… Stopped everything for Wu Kong (currently 3.35). He will get all yellow until he is maxed… Then Chao to either 2.50 or 3.60… guardian jackel and back to onatel… Maybe even give her the darts I have.

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