Which hero elevated your game?

Sabina, she was the first healer and 4 star I got and meant I could final progress further on challenges and missions with out always running out of healing potions.


Mother North changed my game, I got mine on my first day of playing and she got me through all the raid tiers and through S1.
Wu Kong has been great for Titans and for all S2 map stages; he’s also a hero that helped me get to the diamond arena together with Mother North using 3-1-1


Alfrike. Once I had her I could hang in raids lol


Titans - Besides Wu Kong, Jackal and Panther. Thanks to Jackal and others, I perform best on dark titans. Holy titans would be my second best.

Maps + challenge events - Proteus. His mana control is game changing.

Raids - Seshat. My first non-S1 hero, and a great one! She replaced Sartana as my war tank, and also countered Guin. Back in the day, Guin was THE tank. :rofl:

And Vanda. I didn’t have any non-S1 reds before her. I love that she is very fast, and prevents ailments. Her health steal is fun too.


I am torn between two:

Gretel - This lady made bosses and quests infinitely easier as I had an actual means to stop mana on bosses. Vanilla mana control garbage comparatively, but I digress.

Really wish SG would address vanilla mana control somehow. Stacks the deck against new players SO badly.

Gullinbursti - My sole hero with overheal. Overheal is absolutely a game changer! Made difficult quests and map stages where I still was using emblemed 4’s much more manageable and saved lots of items. :+1:

Honorable mention to Athena on titans. Big difference between her and ramming pulverizer. She fights all titans except blue reflect and green. Scores went up noticeably.



Well I can’t say I have a peticular hero but in my roster are couple of them like : Miki, LOTL, Onatel, Arthur, Kunchen and costume Kiril who make a really good job on mono blue team against titan


Would love to get my hands on LotL as well! One of the heroes I avoid going up against in raids!!

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I have Mist as well but dont get to use her as much. Maybe I’ll give her a go!!

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Early game: Proteus

Titans: Wilbur, WuKong

Maps: Tarlak, Gullinbursti

Late game: Alfrike

3* honourable mentions: Kvasir, Grevle


My baby daddy Wilbur, my all around man who works well in all battle types. Then he takes it to the next level and grills up catfish to perfection. Yes indeed, I love my man Wilbur and we shall never part, lol.


For PvP and Map def. Gazelle.
Titans Miki

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For me, that would be Alberich. I was lucky enough to pull him in 2018 as a featured hero in the early months Atlantis. From 2-2-1 or 3-2, I was raiding in mostly 4-1 with any element with Albe as the odd man in the team, even including my heroes yet fully ascended or maxed, until I have built enough roster depth for playing mono. I cant count how many times was he able to convert a losing war into a win, contributing a significant amount in my 21k raid wins under my belt. He was, and still is, a very very good hero reviving fallen allies 1/3 chance, give healing and mana overtime. He was in almost any teams in most facets of the game: war, raid, tourneys, maps, events and quests.

I believe there was a thread similar to this created way back in 2019. I just can’t find it.


Lady of the Lake followed closely by Mother North.

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Titans - Miki

Map Stages - Heimdall - Nice to build up the HP before the boss level.

Raids - Lady Loki, Neith and Mother North made big differences in their own time but with all the new OP heroes they have been overshadowed.

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You took the words right out of my mouth.


Wilbur is awesome. And what a mustache!

Gullinbursti is incredible — unless I really need a cleanse, he comes out before Vivica.

Wu Kong was my first game changer. I’ve probably outgrown him now, and really need a Miki, Ranvir, or Tarlak, but the vanishingly small chance of that ever happening makes it me and Wu 4eva!

Finley was the first “A+” grade hero I pulled, and he is awesome still.

Telluria still holds her own, but has been a little disappointing lately after nerfing. But she was a game changer when I pulled her for sure.


Proteus back in the day when I was attempting S2 hard. Single handedly made life easier for me. He also single handedly brought me from mid gold to platinum in a matter of days

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Heimdall early into my game, so I could beat map lvls way above my hero lineup
Onyx for offensive raids
Malosi to counter Telurria
Wilbur for titans and map lvls
Telurria before nerfs
Buddy to empower green stack from dmg perspective 4 and 5 *tournaments and challenge events
S1 Costumes to easier achieve 3/ 70 heroes with less resources needed to be competitive

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Proteus was my main game changer, as he helped me progress well past what I could do in events and raids.

Wu Kong of course helped raid scores significantly, but that wasn’t as big a step as he took me from being an A/B grade person, to an A grade person with the rare A+.


Proteus for me as well, I still treasure him very much because I know how lucky I was.

Then Sabina as my first 4* healer, also with a useful dispel

Finally, my early 5*s - Lepus, Margaret, Inari and especially Seshat, pushed me to a higher offensive raiding level.


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