Which hero do you most rely on?

If you could only pick one of your heros, which one is your ‘baby’, the ‘creme de la creme’, the hero you rely on the most?

For me Seshat is ‘The One’. Fast mana, great damage and good stats all round. I cant imagine replacing her with anyone else in my main team.


Wilbur. I use him on titans, events, everywhere possible.

Please note that I only have S1 5* heroes and 3 HOTM. I would gladly replace Wilbur with Aegir, but I don’t have him.


since most of my heroes are from s1 (and i still dont have any 5* ascended yet) i rely on my little 4* army and the guy i use the most is definitely PROTEUS :slight_smile:

he helps in every quest, every event, nearly every raid and always on my top team in wars and titans

all around MVP for me i have to say

Honorable mentions: wukong, every titan + event + mostly in my 4+1 raids as my last anchor if the board sucks as hell

CMel, Boldtusk see lots of play too


Gazelle is my 1st 5* and main go to hero for all play : farming - raids - wars… everyday !!

I levelled up BK 3 months back, but hardly use him, except in wars… that’s how much I m used to & unable to change from Gazelle.

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My one true queen - Hel

I like some others who are great in special areas like miki for titans, telluria as tank, or Vanda against dot heavy enemies but hel I can use everywhere.
Events - hel
Quests - hel
Raid - hel
Hard map stages - hel
Even yellow titans - hel

I still love her although she is one of the oldest heroes in the game.


I have a Mitsuko with 19 emblems, I used her everywhere. I’m thinking my 16 emblem Frigg is better now. My overnight cup count stays higher with each emblem Frigg gets.

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My raid defense has never been special, but my raid offense is good, and it usually consists of a costumed Rigard, Natalya, and three other heroes. Natalya doesn’t farm and has limited utility in events, but she’s my talisman in raids.

(I use Rigard all the time. In war, I also use my Other Rigard and my Other Other Rigard.)

For me its definetely my burn ambassador, the master of the Grave. He is very fast, hits 3, great in defense and offense, on any position.he can fire his special every turn with only 3 ghost tiles.

I just can’t replace him at all

For me, Ariel. Followed very closely by Isarnia. Those two team up in 98% of my raids. Even against Telly tanks.

But of the two I rely on Ariel more.

Although I am more likely to use Isarnia on my rainbow farming team.


Using him less until I can reemblem him, but soft spot for Alby

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For events like TOL, Ninja and hard Valhalla levels.

Double Proteus, SIF, Gilinbursti, C.Rig and now im playing more with my recent ascended Garnet.

For pvp i just play with my 5☆ and support them with my best 4☆ . Idk , Boldstuk, Mist, c.tibs, proteus. Even Grimm so i cant pick just one.

Hey now, no need to undersell Natalya! I have a pretty good sized bench and my +20 Natalya still always makes my attack teams. I can always rely on her taking out 2 enemies and i just have to focus on the last 3 with the rest of my heroes. She is awesome!!! My only gripe with her is that she (and numerous others) deserve to have an elemental link since she is a hotm still

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Ariel too…

Almost ever present in my rare quest, costume event, map progression, or seasonal challenge team.

Always bring her in raid when not facing green tank.

On offense, Grazul. My roster really lacks cleansers and I hate dedicating a healer to my attack team that doesn’t cleanse, so Grazul is both my support and healer while my other 4 are pure offense. Grazul saves me so damn much and makes so many enemies essentially useless.

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Hel. As you can imagine, we’re pretty much besties.

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20 Characters

Funny… I have Telluria, JF, & C. Sartana, but I think the hero I’d have the hardest time parting with might be my grade 20 Hansel. I typically use him over my level 80 unemblemed Lianna!

Sif is my new fave.
Her counterattack, mana boost, and damage drop makes her the anchor of some very powerful team configurations… I want another one!

It was costume Rigard forever…then I miraculously pulled Hiemdall.

Mother North in raids. Lady of the Lake in events and Valhalla. I wouldn’t part with either of them.

Gravemaker is also in the mix for favorite.

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