Which hero do you hate to meet in raids?

Point made. Vividly. Lmao

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Super guin is annoying… urs has her place up there too.

I seem to have the hardest time, and worst boards, while facing these 2 also. I think they have given my PSTD so I’ve started skipping this combo when possible.

Gravemaker flanking blue tank…

I hate an emblemed Boril…

He can sneak up on you …

Delilah at flank or wing. I hate her so very much.


None. Luckily I got enough heroes to manage any team with a bit of luck on board…

I hate Aegir. Most of the time he fires, my dispeller isn’t ready yet -.-


I used to hate Guin, Kunchen and Aegir tank but not anymore.
Above all, I hate the bad board!

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Any hero who defends alone.

I hate Kunch. Why you ask? It seems 90% of upper diamond has him. I get to see him over and over and over…

The fighter revive talent is frustrating when you loose to this. Getting Albied or beaten by Mother North is also very annoying.

When yellow connections are there, my Guinevere, Gretel and G. Jackal is a good Holy stack against Kunchen tanks. Guin to lower his mana, Gretel to silence mana growth and Jackal to make him suffer from yellow tiles and attacks. Guin in the center to protect the 4*. I rarely skip Kunchen tanks

Oh, how I hate Kunchen tanks. He has multiple characteristics that combine to make him suck. I think his resistance to def down is the worst, but when combined with defense boost against yellow after he goes off, it makes him frustrating at best. I can’t count how many times I have gotten him <100 hp only to have him go off again. He is the only hero in the game I would nerf.

Keep in mind I lack strong yellow or strong mana control heroes. Not everyone is swimming in HoTM.

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I hate all of your heroes. Guin, Claus, Kun, Aeg, Ona, Kage, MN, GM, BW, I hate every single one. ALL OF THEM.

Why? Because I only have a 4 star bench!!!



I hate that crocodile :rage:

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Yellow is my weakest element too.
To counter the shortcoming, I am stacking 2 - 2 - 1 with the 2 being my strongest color which is either blue red or green and the 1 is a +6 Kunchen…yay!
So far it works like a charm. Just make sure to bring along a toughened buffer + healer like a +17 Kiril or Boldtusk, a dispeller and 2 sniper. You can beat about any combination.

Yep… summed up accurately!

One of each colour. Ursena, Onatel, Red hood, Alice, Alby

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