Which hero did you take to war long before maxed?

I use Quintin on offense since he was about 3/30 and he always did his job.

Paired with another sniper his special is awesome for taking out Mother North or any other high priorty target.

Who’s your low high performer?

Back when i was starting i got Rana the 1st time she was available and used her at 3/70 for a long time till i could max. Still use her now fully emblemed in pretty much every war. As a bonus just picked up her costume so that will get maxed soon also. The sand damage and sliwing the healing has always made her a good hero for me.

Good Question! Problem is, when I find out how good a hero is before 3-70…I feed the hell out of them to max ASAP. Ones off the top of my head: Mitsuko, Frigg, Arco, C-Vanda, Khonshu.


C. Magni was my very first 5* hero a loooong time ago. i’ve been warring with him (and his base form) since he was at 2.60. i used him at 2.60 for longer than i used him at 3.70 haha.

Arco isn’t even to 3/70, and I’ve used him a couple of times…

Frigg, Elizabeth, Heimdall, Onatel (way back when), Passepartout and Guardian Panther are the ones that spring to mind for me

cAriel, Toxicandra, Phileas Fogg, cFinley, Grimble, Agrafena, Noor and Zenobia are my 70-3 5* that i often use in war and raids succesfully. Agrafena in a purple/yurple team is amazing, even for hard mode map areas!

Well back in the day before i had any better heroes Ameonna used to go into wars un maxed.

Now she is still unmaxed but just sits Around looking sad.

Now day.
Iris gets brought to the party on 3:70 for clean ups

Frida was my first HOTM and I didn’t have scopes for ages, then I got Miki and used the first set for him (I know he’s supposed to go well enough at 3.70 but I wanted him sturdy), so Frida kept slogging through at 3.70 for months. She was my tank for a while and came with me anywhere blue is useful. Still good, I’ve recently limit broken her but she has yet to be fully maxed. Luffs that bear.

I supose I tooks unmaxed heroes to war back in the days I had no roster deepth to cover all needed 30 with maxed ones. That’s wather under the bridge now… I can hold one benched for one more war in order to take it at least to 4/80…

Cathal (hits harder than both Sartana and Marjana)
Yang Mei

All are currently at 3/70 and they’ll stay there until I’m in need of them at a higher level.

I used Grazul for years at 3/70. Finally maxed her and realised I should have done it way back then

Raphael for me, he was my first healer.