Which hero choose for ranger emblem?

Which hero and which path ( means attack or defence) ? Thanks in advance

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Triton…hands down! :wink:


Sword Path :love_you_gesture:


If we balance defence then it’s good know , if sword path is chosen then he can do high damage but easily he will be killed , an i right ?

  1. They’ll still pick up some additional defense and hit points along the way, so they won’t be killed easily (at least not more easily then they are now).
  2. Both Chao and Triton (and I’d pick Triton, between the two) are fast mana, increasing the chances they’ll fire before dying.
  3. Generally, the Ranger class is a good one to follow the attack route because it synergizes with the Pierce talent.

Save for very few exceptions like Buddy, you should always follow the attack path with Rangers for the reasons stated above :slight_smile:

I also add my vote for Triton.


I’d add Neith and Red Hood to the exception list as well. Red Hood wants HP more than any other stat because her minions and their heal scale with their health (plus her dmg % is poor). Neith’s dmg % is also poor but if you use her at tank/flank then going full DEF/HP results in a very devastating defensive hero IMO.

Back on topic I’d go Triton and focus more on ATT!


Can u please tell for each class what to go with ( for example as u said above ranger => attack path ) ?

It’s all about hero. Shooter needs attack to boost damage, healer/buffer - doesn’t. Slow heroes need HP and defence to survive until SS charges, fast - don’t…

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I have both fully leveled. Triton is the better choice. Hits very hard even without boosting his attack stat. However, his weakness is that he is glassy and easily killed. So, his best talent path is defense/health. He does not need more attack, but gets killed easily, even before he can fire, & a bigger attack is useless if he’s dead already. If you go for Chao instead, unlike Triton, his punch is weak, so emblem up his attack.

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Throwing in my vote for Triton, whom is at +18 attack/Defense for me. As several stated earlier Triton hits fast and hard!! Plus as @IvyTheTerrible stated, you’ll pick up quite a bit of defense along that path. Good Luck!!


I cast my vote for Triton. Chao was great for me early on, but tends to warm the bench as I gain other heros. As for emblems I advocate in my alliance that you increase a heros strengths, especially when one is the clear winner. In Triton’s case that is attack always and he’ll get minor increases for the other two stats along the way.

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Thanks all for your valuable advices

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