Which hero can be doubled up in 1 team

I myself am thinking about

x gravemaker x gravemaker x
X sechat X sechat X

You may cheer or you may heavily critisize my opinion. You may add another good double up. I have seen a couple of times this:

Alby X X X Alby.

I’m curious about your reaction :smiley:

I run the triplets

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Double Gravy’s is reasonably common and seemingly effective. Not sure about twin Alby’s. It’s a lot of power to give up.


Punisher of slow boards defense :crazy_face:

Not interested in your Spezials offense :no_entry:


I was going to say, problem with this is not enough Muggys. But then I realized, duh! They will all end up being Muggys in the end anyway. :grin:


They’re all maxed now and annoying as heckfire in the past 3*/No Reds raid tourney. Mah swampwater bruiser bros!

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I’m short a couple of heroes for this one but I think Grave Zeline Grave Zeline Grave could be fun! Or Grave Yunan Grave Yunan Grave

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