Which hero blocks usage of special skills?

I have Peters and I know he does, but which other heroes do? (except for the new HoM, Miki)

Hel and Proteus also do, but only, if the enemies aren’t fully charged.

Then there are several heroes and talents, which will drastically slow down mana generation like e.g. Little John, Hansel, Gretel, Merlin and Alasie and mighty Onatel.

At last there are heroes that reduce the mana directly by a certain percentage like Li, Chao, Mitsuko, Guin and some more.


But does mana blockage equal blockage of special skill use? I mean, take for example Miki’s innate ability is to resist effects that block use of special skill. Does it also apply to Hel’s or Peoteus’ special?

I dont think so, since Proteus and Hel only block mana generation, and not special skill use

You may only use special skills, if mana was full, so it’s almost equal to block usage or generating.

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For general purposes, @Olmor is correct in what Proteus, Peters, the witch slayer siblings (Hansel & Gretel), and Merlin all aim to do: prevent enemies from using their special skills.

The game considers their ailments as different effects though, and this is good knowledge to have. For instance: Manashield from the cleric class will have a chance to resist Mana Block from Hel and Proteus, and the Spell Slayer ailment from Hansel & Gretel. However, it does not resist Silence from Peters or the Season 2 bosses (the Pterodactyl and the Giant Jellyfish), or at least not once have I seen my Boril resist it.

Thus the game considers Mana Block and Spell Slayer ailments that affect mana. Silence seems to be treated differently, which actually explains why Poseidon casts two buffs on his team: one to prevent any ailments that affect mana, and the other to prevent effects that block special skill use.

I have no idea where Merlin’s Mindless Attack falls under though, nor do I know whether Poseidon’s buffs block it.


D’OH!!! So. The description of Manashield says “Effects that prevent special skill use” so it makes total sense why it also resists Silence and Mindless Attack


I’d like an answer to this myself. It isn’t a silence and technically it doesn’t block the usage of special skills… it forces an attack on an ally. I wish practice battles existed so I could test it.

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Works against Poseidon, since Merlin doesn’t block or reduce mana. His targets just use their mana for the mindless attack against another enemy.

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Queen of hearts blocks specials while her minion is alive… this minion gives her TAUNT… Taunt prevents the enemies from using their Special Skills on minion owner’s allies.
Gato, a 3* Atlantis blue hero has this special: The caster and nearby allies are immune to new status ailments for 3 turns… so… in some way he blocks some specials I think,

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Neither Queen of hearts or Gato prevent the use of special skills in their entirety, just limit what you can do and their effectiveness. I wouldn’t have thought this counts as blocking special skills, but could be mistaken

That is why I said “in some way”, beacuse gato can block Gill-Ra special against himself and 2 allies near him… or similar specials that affects status. And Queen of hearts protect all allies as you can see in this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_ldngpCjnQ

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I tested that in a mission against the giant pterodactyl. Kunchen was able to resist Silence with his Mana Shield.

I couldn’t take screens tho, it happened too fast.

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Nice! I’m gonna have to try an all clerics team sometime too, it’s hard to test. I’ll take your word for it :slight_smile:

In which case I have no idea now why Poseidon casts two buffs. Why not just one? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: D’OH!!! So. The description of Manashield says “Effects that prevent special skill use ” so it makes total sense why it also resists Silence and Mindless Attack

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Maybe devs were too lazy to make a new icon for that buff?

I have a few clerics. I’ll take a screenshot for sure next time :slight_smile:

Edit. I did it:

Rigard was silenced, not enough emblem nodes…

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Haha I know why. It’s cuz I’m a dum-dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

The description of Manashield says “Negative Mana effects and effects that prevent special skill use ” so it makes total sense why it also resists Silence and Mindless Attack. Spell Slayer is considered an effect that blocks special skill use too, not a negative mana effect. I found out by donating a ton of food to science (rerolling) to find a Miki defense team: Miki – New August 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion.

And that’s why Poseidon casts two buffs :slight_smile: One is to resist the new negative mana ailments and mana reductions, and the other is to resist ailments that block special skill use.


Hel and Proteus block specials if they aren’t 100% full. Heroes such as Miki prevents usage when the meter is full which is the silencing effect. And any cleric with the manashield talent can effectively prevent that from happening if it decides to kick in when hit.

With Kunchen +7, I actually search for teams with Hel / Proteus in them so I can make the same smug face everytime Mana Shield activates :laughing:

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