Which healing potion is better?

It seems to me that it’s generally better to go with the regular Healing Potion rather than the Potent Healing Potion (or Super).

You can only carry 5 of the Potents (at 500hp each) into a battle, but 10 of the regulars (at 250hp each), so you’re only carrying 250hp less total (2,500hp vs 2,250hp), so that’s only a very slight advantage to the potents.

BUT, the regular ones cost less than 1/4th of the ham to make, and uses more disposable mats. So that is a much bigger advantage.

So there’s really no reason to not just craft only the regular ones, is there? I mean unless you really need that extra 250hp.

Am I missing something?

(The only thing I can think of is that in Titan battles you might save a little bit of time by only having to make half as many clicks to consume 500hp worth of potion, but that’s it)

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I agree with you. I use only the regular ones.
I have some of the others but never use them.

Agreed. I never craft the big pots. I make 100’s of the little ones.

High level potions are good when you run for the event and don’t have a healer in your team.
You spare time with them.

But yes, 90% of the time i use small ones.
They are cheaper to make and i never run out of herbs.

I only really use the minor potions, mainly because I have an endless supply of those herbs. I’ll keep 50 or so of the others stocked and use them in events etc sometimes. The larger potions just cost too much food and materials I can use to craft better items so I don’t really bother with them.

Ok, so there isn’t some wrinkle that I’m missing. Good to know, thanks!

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