Which groups have the best heroes valhalla or atlantis?

I have 2600 gems I want 5 stars heroes but I am not sure which group has a good chances

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Neither one has good chances of a 5* LOL

That is to say, they both have the same odds.

Valhalla heroes are probably better than the Atlantis heroes overall, but both are better than the S1 heroes.


Thanks for answer any suggestions for 5* heroes

I made 22 Valhalla and 11 Atlantis summons in the last month, and I cannot say I was unlucky because I took a lot of 4* heroes, especially from Valhalla, and I was above the odds, but neither occasion gave me a 5* star hero -not even Glenda, who I was specially looking for and after 51 attempts I didn’t get, and of couse neither Reuben.

So my advice is that you don’t get very attached to any 5* star hero in particular outside S1, because the odds are severely against you. Try, of course, because if you don’y try it’s absolutely impossible, at least until you get HA10, but anyways if you try it could be almost impossible to get the hero that you want. Having said that, in general the heroes of S3 are generally better than those from S2, so if you have some tries, focus on Valhalla.

In this game you are doomed to pay large amounts of money to get an especially strong team, or to play with what you get. And if you choose the second option you will get eventually a good team too (with a lot of patience, that’s clear) and you’ll save yourself tons of frustration.


Excelent and good Atlantis heroes


Melia, mneseo, Namaghe


Gil ra


Wilbur and Proteus


Ariel and Kageburrito

Ursena / Mitsuko

Tarlak/ Poseidon

Valhalla ones


Grevle, Bjorn, Kvasir, Nordri among others


Mist, Brynhild, Almur, Sumle, Jott, Gilinbursti


Frigg/ Odin / Gefjon

Heimdall/ Lady Loki / Skadi / Alfrike

Bera / Freya / Sif / Tyr

There are good heroes that are not as popular

Atlantis: Atomos, Inari, Misandra

Valhalla: Norns, Fenrir, Ratatoskr(a green healer, good for titans)

As you can see, both gates have interesting heroes. The job to research the info is yours (match the name or put it on google) and then acording your roster you can decide.

Id advice you to focus on the 4☆ stars first that are easily obtainable.

Top tier is Proteus in Atlantis with his mana stop for 3 turn. Hes the easy mode for every event but Ninja tower.

Then the titan killers

Wilbur, Almur, depending on the titan Nordri and Jott

And the all around heroes(very good ones)

Gilinbursti (one of the few yellow healers), mist (really good for raids / wars) , Brynhild etc…


I don’t have any Atlantis or Valhalla 5* heroes myself, and unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that you will ever get one, but @Lexxtarc pointed out some really good ones above. :arrow_up:

For Atlantis heroes specifically, Ariel I believe is still considered to be one of the best healers in the game; Ursena is still a terrifying tank; Tarlak is still good for titans; Proteus and Wilbur are still considered staple multipurpose heroes that everyone should try to acquire for their toolkits.

Valhalla has its own very effective and probably even more terrifying lineup. I don’t have enough personal experience with them all yet to tell you which one scares me the most.


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