Which green to level up, please

Hi all,

I got Greg on last Atlantis. I have 7 tonics and 14 shields, just finishing Melendor and thinking who’s next.
I got already Lianna and Caedmon maxed and I am looking now for a good hero for titans, raid offense and events.
Here is my 5* green roster:
Gregorion 1/1
Margaret 1/1
Elkanen 3/53
Kadilen 2/60

Who is worthy enough to be The Tonic Drinker? I tend towards Greg, but I am not sure. What do you think?

That’s a broad list. :slight_smile:

I’d lean toward Greg too, depending on your play style.

A sizable buff to Critical Chance will meaningfully increase tile damage.

For Titans, that’s huge. The payoff is actually potentially larger than an attack buff — though it’s certainly even better when you stack both.

For Offense and Events, it’s more dependent on your play style.

If you tend to prefer to charge up Special Skills and snipe enemies to death, then you may not take enough advantage of the boosted tile damage to see a big effect from it.

But if you tend to use tiles to kill off enemies — particularly in conjunction with Special Skills that facilitate using tile damage, like mana controllers — then the boosted Critical Chance will similarly benefit you tremendously on Offense.

And for Events in particular, it depends if you mean doing better completing them, or becoming competitive.

A strong tile damage approach is a good way to effectively complete Events with reasonable scores. But it won’t get you the absolute top scores, because for those you really need to do a lot of the damage with items instead of tiles, to maximize the Match Score.


Margie for being different.


In my honest opinion it really has to be Gregorian 100%

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I have only Greg but his attack does good damage and Critical makes damage of others skyrocket too. Plus he has that element link. Basically slower and weaker Lianna with extra buff (which helps in Tournament Raids when buff Booster is in play). I would say him. Others didn’t threaten me much in Raids.

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Thank you all, I’ll go for Greg first.


Greg is always on my team vs. blue titans.

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Would put another eye on Margie first:

Against blue titans her offense stats are pretty good and in raid attacks I love it so much when Magni, Lianna or Sartana came across with a shot to nothing!

She is definitely worth it.

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