Which green to LB next?

The greens I have LB’d are:

Costume Francine (mistake – thought it was a good idea at the time)

Here are what I’m thinking. All are emblemed. Not listing the bunch I have that aren’t emblemed:

  • Costume Alby
  • Costume Lady of the Lake
  • Guan Yu
  • Ratatoskr
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Costume Lianna
  • Guandian Chameleon

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I’d do (have done) gan ju. And cfrancine wasnt a mistake

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Shoot, LB’ing normal Francine isn’t a mistake.


Thanks for that. I just don’t use cfrancine anymore but I kept the emblems just cause. Maybe she’ll get more use in the future.

c Lady of the Lake is always a good option in my book, though, I think most people will agree that the normal version is still the superior! So… if you’re already LB’ed the c LotL then I suppose my next choice would be Guan Yu? :thinking: :wolf:

Don’t have c LotL LB’d yet. Why her over cAlby?

In costume form, he is a better reviver than in normal form, but the mana generation whilst it is a very high %, that’s also reliant on getting the tiles in the first place. Normal Alby gives you a better chance of firing off specials, plus the revive with reasonable health returns and Heal over Time for allies.

LotL is generally the stronger of the two, both in raw stats and in healing output (42% of 550 boosted hp), plus the mana cut minions of her normal form is very strong particularly when paired with a minion tank such as Hulda for instance. Her costumed minions - being the -24% mana gen - not so strong in my opinion at all, especially comapred to many mana gen reducing heroes out there now… (c. Rumpelstiltskin doing -54% on option no. 3!!)., but people say that she is the offensively stronger class. I would also say, that it’s fun to have a healer with fighter class for that last minute revival opportunity :wink:

So, ultimately, my money goes to LotL unless you need a reviver particularly, but… given the choice, I would rather have Nadezdha or even Anton! :person_shrugging: :wolf:

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Thanks for this detailed input. Very helpful! I do have Nadezha LB’d but she’s not a candidate for war D since I use costume BK as tank. Was thinking for war D:

C Alby, Morel, C BK, Feline, C Panther

Or should I do:

Morel, C LOTL, C BK, Feline, C Panther

First off, I love the flexing of the new costumes :smiley: I’m working on exactly the same at the moment, but sadly I am missing c Panther!!

For a war defence, I personally would opt for option 1, as speaking from my own experience of having revivers in teams, it can be very frustrating! Especially if you’re already running with red tanks. If you were running Green tank, then I would say to drop LotL in the middle and move BK to a flank.

I would also say that Panther is probably more of a flex placement than a viable war candidate, or at least that seems to be the response that I’ve been seeing from raiding against c Panther defence teams… particularly since to really get the most effective use out of her, you need her to fire twice, and within enough time to hit ontop of the EDD! So it depends on if she’s going to charge up fast enough on right wing… :thinking:

Of course, that’s just my thoughts and I definitely won’t say i’m an expert in the field of war :wolf:

I used to have Costume Master Lepus in the corner and he did really well. Panther does more damage plus block buffs with mana decrease, even if the EDD does nothing, so I figured it’s better. She’s last on my list to level though. C ML will be there for a bit still.

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